The HP Talks: “How to make IT more sustainable?” Learn how to integrate environmental issues into your IT strategy.

The HP Talks: “How to make IT more sustainable? “will take place on December 14, 2021 at 11am. This not-to-be-missed event will feature concrete advice and inspiring feedback to help CIOs effectively integrate these topics.

Topic: How to make IT more sustainable?
Date : Tuesday 14 December 2021 at 11am
Duration : 1h
Language: French
Number of registrants: 300 – 400 maximum

Considered marginal and secondary just a few years ago, Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) is now becoming an integral part of governance strategies. Environmental and sustainability issues are now a part of corporate governance strategies. CIOS. The IT teams are now fully involved in these reflections and their implementation. They find themselves confronted with very concrete issues such as recycling and the second life of products and IT equipment, programmed obsolescence (often induced by software evolution) or the consideration of the reparability index in the selection of equipment.

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Imperative issues that open up real opportunities for IT

Focus on a more sustainable IT, is also about finding answers to the new European and French regulatory requirements. Whether it is the AGEC law on the promotion of a circular economy or most recently the REEN law (for “Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Digital Technology”) passed in November 2021.

There is also a real societal pressure and a real social expectation around these subjects. Consumers and end customers are keen to select and favour companies that invest in them fully and in depth. It is no longer possible to ignore environmental issues.

In order to take hold of the subject, it is necessary to look beyond the obligations imposed. The deployment of CSR should be seen as a new opportunity. How do you initiate or deploy a strategy within your company? How have some CIOs started to address these issues? What are the best practices already in place? These are the questions that will be answered during the HP Talk: “How to make IT more sustainable” on December 14th at 11am.

The event will be hosted by Marion Moreau, a journalist specializing in digital and new technologies (BFM Business, Hors Normes…) and will start with an interview with Caroline Marcouyoux, head of CSR, Sustainable Development at AFNUM (Alliance Française des Industries du Numérique.) Very concrete questions will be addressed around the implementation of new regulations (AGEC, REEN, reparability index) which will be illustrated by feedback and concrete cases.

On the program: concrete cases, customer feedback, prominent guests… And some surprises!

CSR is not new to HP, which already has several years of experience in these areas. It is therefore quite natural that Matthieu Sabin, Sustainability Country Manager France of HP will speak. He will talk about the expectations and problems encountered by HP’s customers and how solutions co-constructed with each customer have been implemented.

Then, a capsule on the exciting issue of eco design will be proposed. Jason Ord, Environmental Stewardship Manager at HP will answer the crucial question: what will the PC of tomorrow look like and how can we reduce its environmental impact?

The event will continue with a presentation by Ecologic France, a non-profit eco-organization that has been contributing to the development of a circular economy in France since 2006. Bertrand Reygner, its Director of Institutional and Technical Relations will address the issue of IT recycling. How does it work? How to include it in your CSR strategy?

Finally, it is Tom-Louis Teboul, Development and Partnership Manager at EMMAÜS CONNECT who will address the topic: “What action in France to fight against the digital divide?” Recycling computer equipment for reconditioning can help reduce social disparities and facilitate the integration of people in precarious situations. A key solution to consider!

The event will be peppered with surprise sequences, but above all it will end with a live Q&A session, where all participants will be able to address their questions and issues to the various experts present. A moment not to be missed!

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