The comparative advantages of Selectra’s box and mobile offer comparator

When you are about to change your mobile package or internet offer, it can be difficult to determine more about who or what offer to turn to. The telephony market is full of offers, each one more attractive than the other; but is it still necessary to find the one that best suits your home and its uses? To help you make this decision, there are now online tools available to help you compare all the offers available on the market.

The emergence of online comparators

Often, when we are looking to change our phone or internet package, we tend to turn to the operator that offers the best rates without really looking at the quality of the services offered. The same goes for insurance or energy offers.

However, price is not everything. If you look carefully – and in the right place – you can find a much more interesting offer.

To help consumers find better offers, online comparators have been created. Thanks to these online tools, you have access to almost all the offers available on the market. In addition to comparing the prices of these offers, some of them also offer to compare the quality of customer service, additional costs or promotional offers. These tools, in addition to being practical, are also the best way to do good business and reduce your fixed costs. In addition, they are subject to consumer law and have an obligation to provide you with fair, clear and transparent information.

Why choose the Selectra online comparator?

Online comparators are now available for all types of products and services, from home insurance to vacuum cleaners to telephony and organic soaps.

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There are obviously some that are more interesting and effective than others. Today we present one of the best in its category: the Selectra box and mobile offer comparator.

A multitude of possibilities.

Often presented individually, mobile and box offers are rarely combined. If they are, they are combinations proposed directly by the operators. How to get the best price in these cases? The Selectra comparator itself combines all the offers on the market to offer you the one that suits you best. You will never find so many different combinations so simply.

Transparency of pricing conditions.

Surprise, your monthly invoice informs you that you have to pay a large amount of extras. Indeed, you should have read the famous short lines. The Selectra comparator takes care of this for you, as for example here with the Freebox Mini 4K ADSL offers. [avec promo] + Fixed price 2€. It is the only online tool that details and explains the services and pricing conditions of its offers. With it, there are no unpleasant surprises, you know what you’re getting into.

A detailed annual cost.

Many comparators will give you a monthly cost of their offer, regardless of the details of the offer. Subscribing to a box and telephone contract is not just a matter of paying your monthly subscription. Ancillary costs can disrupt the calculation. The Selectra comparator takes into account all these subtleties in order to give you a precise annual cost. Price for receiving your SIM card, cost of starting up your services, increase in the monthly rate following the end of a promotion at the time of your subscription… Everything is calculated so that the stated rate is the rate paid at the end of the year.

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