The Chinese Cloud market grew by 40% in just one year

The Chinese Cloud market has grown by 40% in just one year and is expected to double again by 2022. This is according to a report published by the CAICT…

Should Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google, the world leaders in Cloud Computing, tremble in the face of Chinese service providers? Maybe they should.

According to a study conducted by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and published by the Xinhua website, the Chinese Cloud Computing market reached a value of 96.26 billion yuan in 2018. This represents a monumental growth of 39.2% compared to 2017. And it’s not over: by 2022, the market is expected to double to 117.2 billion yuan.

About the private cloudIts value is estimated by the IACTC at $52.5 billion for 2018. This represents a growth of 23.1% in one year. By 2022, this market should reach a value of 117.2 billion dollars.

Cloud Computing: China is just beginning to exploit its potential

According to a recent press release from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Informatics, an additional one million companies will be using the Cloud by 2020 in China. The technology is being adopted and is developing at a rapid pace, which should finally enable it to reach its full potential.

Indeed, in its April 2018 ranking, the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) ranked China just ahead of Vietnam among the Asia-Pacific countries.. According to analysts, the country is taking a long time to begin its digital transformation because of its immense size. Its aging infrastructure and poor connectivity are causing it to plummet in the rankings.

Nevertheless, as the report points out, the Chinese government continues to invest heavily in the development and improvement of infrastructure. Clearly, these efforts should bear fruit in the years to come…

In any case, Chinese Cloud actors have already begun to take the Asia-Pacific region by storm. According to a report published in Mari 2019 by Synergy Research, China’s top three vendors are among the top six in the region. Alibaba is in second place, Tencent in fourth place, and Sinnet in sixth place. Places 1, 3 and 5 are respectively occupied by Amazon, Microsoft and Google . but for how long?

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