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As of January 2021, Telegram and Signal occupy the first place in the ranking of Android and iOS apps on the App Store. Although both devices guarantee better privacy compared to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, differences exist between these two apps.

Following a recent exodus from WhatsApp, many users have turned to other free messaging platforms to communicate with friends and strangers. Signal and Telegram are two of the most popular and reliable alternatives. However, they are not equal, and each will likely benefit a different type of user. Find out how they compare.

Signal vs Telegram: which messaging app to download?


Signal is the big winner in security. For starters, all Signal messages are end-to-end encrypted by default. This means that messages are only accessible to the user and the other party.

Both Telegram and Signal have this feature, but only Signal enables it by default. To access end-to-end encryption on Telegram, you must ensure that The app’s “secret chat” feature is used.

Data collection

When you change your email application, the privacy and data collection must be a priority. It is therefore best to do some research before making a decision. Signal was designed with privacy in mind.

It claims to never collect or store users’ sensitive information. This means that it cannot link them to the identity of each user. Also, thanks to its end-to-end encryption, the content of messages sent via the app is not accessible to third parties, or even to Signal.

According to Telegram’s privacy policy, certain metadata is stored in the Telegram data cloud for 12 months. This data is used to link to the user and their identity. This includes IP addresses, device details and username change history,

Telegram offers a wider range of features

Admittedly, Telegram seems to lag behind Signal at this point. However, the app does include some impressive privacy features. Most notably server-to-client encryption and self-destructing messages.

One of the main features of Telegram is that it provides its users with two layers of secure encryption. In fact, private and group conversations in the cloud are supported by server-client encryption.

While all of the above is important to note, in the end, this decision will likely come down to what friends and family are already using – or are willing to download. After all, there’s no point in switching to a new messaging app if you don’t have people to talk to.

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