SenseTime: all about the world’s most valued AI startup

SenseTime is the world’s most valued artificial intelligence company, with $4.5 billion in revenues. Find out everything you need to know about it and the different technologies it develops…

Founded in 2015, the Chinese startup has managed in four years to move from an academic project to an AI company. the world’s most highly valued stock with a current market value of $4.5 billion.. The company has more than 700 customers and partners, including MIT, Qualcomm, Honda, Alibaba, Weibo, etc. and many other equally prestigious names. Find out everything you need to know about this company that uses artificial intelligence to “redefine human life as we know it”.

What are the different technologies of SenseTime?

SenseTime has developed several artificial intelligence technologies: text, image, object and face recognition, video analysis, medical imaging analysis, remote capture and autopilot systems. The firm has also created its own Deep Learning platform. These different technologies have been deployed in a wide variety of industries : health, finance, online entertainment, education, retail, security, smart cities, smartphones, and much more.

In addition, SenseTime is also the leading supplier of algorithms in China. Its artificial intelligence platform is the fifth largest in the country. In addition to collaborating with other tech giants, SenseTime is also working with the Chinese government on the “Made in China 2025” project. This project aims to make the country economically self-sufficient.

Government support is one of the keys to SenseTime’s phenomenal success. Indeed, the company has benefited from a direct access to databases of 1.4 billion Chinese citizens. That’s what allowed him to improve his algorithms very quickly.

By the end of the year, the Chinese firm expects to have triple its revenues to $300 million in sales. To do so, it plans to make its technology a global standard for image recognition. In short, SenseTime is one of China’s assets in the “AI race” that pits it against Europe and especially the United States .

What are the applications?

SenseTime technologies are used for a wide range of use cases. However, one of SenseTime’s areas of focus is security.. Even internally, employees must let a facial recognition scanner scan their faces before they can enter the company’s premises.

A large number of police departments use SenseTotem and SenseFace technologies to analyze the tapes and catch criminals. The technology also records the movements of car drivers to detect if they fall asleep at the wheel or are too distracted. It also allows for license plate tracking and can alert authorities if an accident is detected.

In addition, the creator of the Meitu selfie application, which is very popular in China, uses SenseTime technology to allow users to change their appearance. Other live streaming or camera applications for smartphones also offer this feature.

In addition, SenseTime has ventured into the health sector by opening a connected health lab in New Jersey, USA.. Its SenseCare platform allows healthcare professionals to benefit from the assistance of an RN to review diagnoses, plan surgery or facilitate management.

The company has also opened a research laboratory for autonomous vehicles in Japan. Its objective is to deploy autonomous cars on Japanese roads by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It has also partnered with Honda to provide them with autonomous driving technology. The firm is also seeking to revolutionise land and air transport.

As you can see, despite his young age, SenseTime is one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence companies. In the years to come, its many products, services, and other innovations will have global impact and repercussions .

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