Safe training to learn how to program with Python

The training proposed here allows a more simplified learning of Python. It provides various tutorials and exercises adapted to beginners. Through the courses, you will learn to master the basics of programming such as web development, graphical user interface with Tkinter or network programming …

The advantages of Python training

This Python training offers the possibility to know all the basics Python fundamentals. It is a useful language for structuring automation or computational scripts. But it can also be used to create desktop applications. The goal of the training is to make you understand the true nature of Python, and to help you learn the various features of the language at your own pace.

Python is a portable language compatible with several operating systems. Moreover, its use implies access to an active community, and it remains a simple tool to master, write and read.

At the end of this training, you leave with several assets such as exception and error handling, creating and editing objects, or using standard library modules.

You will also be able to understand everything there is to know about writing commands in the Python interpreter, about assimilating techniques that delimit the scope of variables and about unit application with Unittest.

In short, you will quickly get an overview of the elements of language and thus know when to use them wisely.

The different modules of the Python training

The objective of this Python training is to make you autonomous and comfortable when manipulating language. Also, she will suggest exercises that will allow you to carry out mini-projects yourself. These will, of course, contribute to complete your learning as a developer.

Learning phase

Python is a language that is easy to manipulate, read and understand. It proves to be the most suitable for beginners who wish to immerse themselves in the world of programming.

Indeed, it includes the tools needed to carry out any HTML project. This training is therefore the most suitable to become completely familiar with the language and progress as you learn.

Step 1 of the Python training allows you to go to the language discovery and everything around him. In this context, you will have to perform your first manipulations on the Python shell. Then, you will get to know variables, conditional structures, loops, modularities, exceptions, etc.

The programming itself

When you feel able to move on to a more complex subject, this Python training will allow you to design your first strings.

This is followed by other processes such as the creation of lists/tuplesThe use of dictionaries/files, the assimilation of variable and reference systems, etc., is also part of the training.

Python Training: The Practices of the Good Developer

This Python training gives you experience as an apprentice developer. This step will allow you todeepen your knowledge further. Here you will discover classes, properties, special methods and the for loop. You will also learn how to manage inheritances, dictionaries, meta-classes and decorators.

The penultimate stage of learning

Here you get to the heart of the matter. The Python training will provide you with rich and methodical practices that will allow you to perform unit tests with Unittest.

In this module, you also go to threading. At the same time, you will create your own graphical interfaces with Tkinter.

The last module

This step completes your Python training. With the essential knowledge in your hands, you will be asked to finalize your apprenticeship by writing the Python programs you master.

You will also participate in data distribution with cx-Freeze. In addition, you will realize a personalized creation that will demonstrate your values and highlight all that you have acquired during your training.

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