Russia failing to gain control of Ukraine airspace – UK defence ministry

President Zelensky used a speech to a rally in Switzerland Europe News on Saturday to criticise Swiss firms that have chosen to carry on doing business with Russia.

In a video message screened outside the Swiss parliament, Zelensky singled out the food giant Nestle.

The company’s slogan is “good food, good life”, he said.

“Business works in Russia even though our children are dying and our cities are being destroyed,” he said, while people in Mariupol were “without food, without water, without electricity, under bombardment”.

In response, a Nestle spokesperson told the BBC that company has “taken unprecedented steps to significantly scale back our operations in Russia, including stopping all imports and exports from the country except for essential food items”.

“In line with the actions of other international food companies, we have taken the difficult decision to continue to provide essential food and beverages to the Russian people and we will continue to support our employees in Russia,” the statement continues.

“Continuing to supply essential items to people in Russia does not mean we continue doing business as usual in the country,” it said, adding that Nestle is making no investments in the country and is taking no actions to promote the sale of its products.

“Our operations are not generating any profit in the country,” it added.

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