Robotics: 5 companies that will mark the decade 2020

Robotics is one of the technologies expected to explode over the next ten years. Discover 5 particularly promising and innovative companies in this sector of the future…

As we move into the 2020s, Robotics will develop strongly thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Now, in addition to having a human form, robots are now able to think and make decisions like humans.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, robots are also proving to be a valuable aid in automating many tasks in order to maximize physical distance between humans. Discover 5 companies in the robotics sector that will mark the next decade, and have already distinguished themselves in recent months…

Boston Dynamics: Robots More Agile than Humans

With its remarkably agile robotsBoston Dynamics regularly creates the buzz and has become known to the general public. You’ve probably already seen its robot dog SPOT, which can open doors and jump over hedges, or its humanoid robot ATLAS, which does parkour and acrobatic tricks.

Recently, to celebrate the new year, the company released a video in which its robots dance with a grace that will make many a human blush. Once owned by Alphabet, then by Softbank and recently sold to Hyundai, the company could finally market its robots to the general public and companies this year…

Diligent: a robot designed to assist doctors

Diligent’s Moxi robot acts as a as an assistant for hospital staff to allow them to work without interruption. It is able to bring medicines to patients, deliver samples to laboratories or distribute protective equipment.

This machine turned out very useful in the face of the VIDOC crisis-19 by reducing human intervention. It also has social intelligence and human characteristics such as the ability to make eye contact or support a patient with their arm. In the future, Moxi could become a major presence in hospitals around the world.

Nuro and the delivery robot

The Nuro AI team has won many international competitions in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Its flagship product, Nuro, is a stand-alone vehicle used by delivery companies.

At the end of 2020, the firm received authorization to deploy its machines by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in two countries. This is the first time a company obtains this permit.

In December, Nuro has also raised $500 million in a Series C fund raising. His ambition is to hit the streets this year.

Blue Ocean Robotics eradicates SARS-CoV-2 in EU hospitals

Blue Ocean Robotics’ robots are mainly used in health care, hospitality, construction and agriculture. The company has received three awards in 2020.

During the VIDOC-19 crisis, his UVD robot has been used to disinfect hospitals. He has received the IDEA Award of 2020, and the prestigious Emerging Technology Award from the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in the field of robotics.

The firm has landed a contract with the European Union to deploy a fleet of 200 of these robots to hospitals in the old containment area. Another machine, the GoBe Robot, is dedicated to teleconferencing and received the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Robot Product Leadership Award.

AMP Robotics: a robot for sorting waste thanks to AI

The idea of AMP Robotics is to use computer vision to process millions of images in order to classify complex materials. for waste segregation. Its Neuron platform is based on Deep Learning to improve the identification and classification of materials such as paper, plastic or metals.

To do so, it is based in particular on the colour, shape and size of the waste. Subsequently, Neuron is used by the Cortex robot to segregate materials with 99% accuracy. This company is part of the Cleantech Group’s Global CleanTech 100 2021 list, aimed at highlighting companies dedicated to preserving the environment.

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