Professional training: specialized sites favored by professionals for monitoring

Training organizations carry out regular monitoring in order to be always updated about the latest changes and novelties. The world of professional training is a sector that is constantly evolving in terms of legislation, actors, aid, financing, etc. The training centers regularly visit specialized sites to carry out their monitoring.

An efficient monitoring allows innovation and inscribes the OF in a continuous improvement process. Digiforma has conducted a study to understand how training organizations get information. The survey reveals that the most used information channels are websites. They are very important in the realization of a watch: they constitute a basic base concerning the news of the sector.

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Specialized websites, the most requested information channels

The study reveals that more than 94% of the OFs surveyed consult websites as part of their professional watch. Among the most visited websites: Centre Inffo, Formalerte and Digiformag.

These online media are important sources of information concerning the latest innovations in the sector and developments, particularly in terms of good practices and legislation.

Other sources include paper, trade shows and social networks

Paper magazines remain a valuable source of information, especially for sector or theme-specific monitoring (43% of OFs). The survey conducted by Digiforma shows that the paper version of Digiformag, Les Echos and Capital are the most consulted paper media by the respondents.

As for trade shows, they are also an important source for 46% of training actors. Respondents cite 44 events they attended to get information and the 3 most named trade shows are E-Learning expo, Carif-Oref and Learning Technologies.

Social networks join websites as more than 91% of respondents use them in a professional context. The main ones are LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. They are a useful channel for communicating the latest news and for highlighting new sources. Consulting them allows for global monitoring of the professional training sector.

The world of professional training: the plurality of information channels

The study notes the use of other media such as radio and podcasts, listened to by 22% of training organizations as part of their monitoring. Radio stations such as BFM Business, France Inter and the BBC were cited. Podcasts specific to training are shared: Formation innovation, France formations, Formation 3.0, or EdTech France. Radio programs play an essential role in the monitoring of more specific themes such as digitalization, entrepreneurship, marketing and finally training.

Of the different information channels, television is in last place: it is watched by 18% of OFs in the context of their job. These are mainly economic news programs that were cited: television news, BFM Business…

Specialized websites, a source of information available to all

Websites represent a solid base, a real foundation of data and information allowing a regular and generalist monitoring of professional training. Training professionals have the possibility to find specialized sites, the most relevant for their activity.

The use of other information channels for OFs is judicious, it allows them to complete their monitoring through specific media on training themes or pedagogy.

Keeping informed about the training environment is crucial to ensure the sustainability of your training organization. Free tools are available for monitoring, such as Formalerte, an automated training monitoring service that references the best sources in the sector.

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