Privacy: RGPD survey targets Google

Google has been under investigation by the Irish data protection authority since 22 May. The Data Protection Commissionner wants to know more after a complaint was lodged last September.

It was to be expected. The RGPD, The regulation on the protection of personal data exists because the web giants are suspected of questionable practices regarding the processing of personal information.

A complaint from a competitor

In September 2018, the publisher of the Brave web browser filed a complaint against Google. According to him, the system of advertising auctions included in Ad Exchange does not comply with the DPMR.

This system, which allows an advertiser to target a particular Internet user in real time, requires connection data, location data, the themes of the sites visited and also his Google identifier. According to Johnny Ryan, the man behind Brave and the inventor of JavaScript, the tool processes and analyzes personal data without the user being aware of its nature or quantity.

Google notes and participates in the survey

The investigation carried out by the Irish authority therefore aims to understand whether or not the tool in question complies with the European Regulation. For its part, Google has issued a press release stating that it will fully participate with the CPD.

The Mountain View firm writes: “We will participate fully in the CPD survey and welcome the opportunity to further clarify EU data protection rules for real-time tendering”. […] “Certified buyers using our systems are subject to strict policies and standards. »

Last January, it was the CNIL that dropped the axe on the American giant in France. It is ordered to pay EUR 50 million under the GDR. The French authority criticizes it for being too opaque for Internet users who do not know to what extent their data is used. The founder of Brave makes more or less the same reproach concerning Ad Exchange.

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