Password Manager: top of the best Password Managers

Password managers allow you to store passwords for the websites and applications you use securely, and enter them automatically when you want to log on to those websites. Discover the top of the best Password Managers.

Use the same password for all websites and applications is an extremely risky practice. If a hacker accidentally gets his hands on this password during a data leak from one site, he will be able to access your accounts on all the others. Under these conditions, the slightest hack can be a real disaster.

Ideally, the best solution is to use a different complex password for each of your accounts on the web. However, it is almost impossible to memorize so many combinations of numbers and letters. That’s the reason why it is preferable to use a password manager A software that generates strong and reliable passwords and stores them in memory in an encrypted safe.

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Once logged into your account on the password manager, the software will automatically enter your username and password every time you visit a website that requires logging in.

However, the different password managers available on the market are not the same. Indeed, it is very important to choose a software that guarantees the security of the “master password”: the one that will allow you to connect to the password manager. Otherwise, a hacker might hack your account and access all your passwords at once. To help you choose, here is our selection of the best password managers .

LastPass, the best Cloud password manager

LastPass is offered in free or premium version. In both cases, you will be able to generate and store as many passwords as you want. The identifiers are stored in a secure vault on the Cloud.protected by a master password. The master password is protected by two-factor authentication using the YubiKey physical key for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

With the free version, you’ll also benefit from secure storage for your text notes, a synchronization functionality between your web browsersand access to your safe from any device connected to the Internet via The software will also refuse to automatically enter credentials on phishing websites. Finally, it is possible to export the data at any time if you decide to change your password manager.

The premium version, offered for 36 euros per yearThe new “cloud storage” feature adds secure cloud storage for your files, advanced multi-factor authentication, and the ability to let family and friends access your accounts in case of emergency. These features are nice, but not essential, and we recommend staying with the free version instead.

The LastPass’s only real flaw is its popularity.. Indeed, its fame makes it a prime target for criminals. However, there has never been a case of a stolen master password until now.

Dashlane, the best password manager with VPN

Alongside LastPass, Dashlane is one of the most popular password managers on the market. Again, this is a extremely secure and very easy to use tool. The master password is protected by a two-factor authentication system.

Among its main strengths are the ability to generate passwords with a single click. This software also allows you to enter the identifiers automatically when you visit a web page or an application. Dashlane also offers digital wallet and VPN protection features.

There is also a Site Breach Alerts” feature
« which will inform you if one of the sites you use is the victim of a data leak. A system similar to that offered by platforms such as Have I Been Pwned or Mozilla Firefox Monitor.

This software is available for Windows, but it is also offered as extensions for web browsers and mobile applications. It is therefore possible to synchronize it for all Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices.

The free version allows you to take advantage of the main features of password management, auto-fill, and digital wallet. The Premium version, offered for $39 per year, provides some additional features such as unlimited syncing and sharing. However, the free version is more than enough if you are only looking for a password manager.

1Password, the best free password manager

Also very popular, 1Password offers a powerful password generator, and features for secure storage and sharing of credentials. This tool is particularly distinguished by its intuitive interface, and its “Watchtower” service. allowing you to be notified in the event of a data leak from a website you are using.

There is also a digital wallet for secure storage of identifiers and credit card information. When it comes to security, the developers of 1Password are so confident that they are promising a $100,000 prize to anyone who manages to hack the software..

It is possible to synchronize all passwords locally, or use the software to synchronize information between your computers via Dropbox, iCloud or similar Cloud solution. The only real weakness of 1Password is that it is not offered as a free version. So you will have to pay 3 dollars per month for the single version, or 5 dollars per month for the family version.

Keeper Security, the most flexible password manager

Keeper offers a wide variety of password management solutions for individuals, families and businesses. These include most flexible password manager adaptable to your needs.

The information is kept secure through a two-factor authentication system and a secure file storage system. There are also handy features such as version history and the ability to allow up to five different contacts to access your passwords in case of emergency.

With regard to the nature of data that may be storedKeeper also offers more flexibility than its competitors. For example, it is possible to store your passport, driver’s license and other important documents in the application’s custom fields.

The tool also offers an SDK, enterprise features such as single sign-on, and integration with Duo for one-click authentication. It is also possible to isolate data in specific regions of the world to prevent access and storage outside those regions.

On the other hand, we deplore a more limited automatic filling system than the competition. In addition, password updates are not fully automated.

Keeper is compatible with all major operating systems and web browsers. It is possible to import passwords from Chrome, Opera, Firefox browsers, or other password managers such as 1Password, Dashlane, EnPass and LastPass.

Sticky Password, the most secure password manager

Sticky Password is a free password manager created by AVG Antivirus. It features a powerful password generation feature, AES-256 encryption, and highly intuitive operation, especially on mobile devices. The master password is protected by two-factor authentication.

This tool is compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS and with different web browsers known as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer, or unknown as Pale Moon, Yandex and SeaMonkey on PC. Compatibility with mobile browsers, on the other hand, is more limited. Options for local synchronization between devices via WiFi are also offered. So security is there.

The only downside of Sticky Password is the lack of customization possibilities. It is also regrettable that passwords cannot be accessed via the Internet, and that passwords cannot be shared securely.

The Premium version, offered for $29.99 per year, adds Cloud synchronization and backup features. It is also possible to opt for a lifetime license offered for $149.99. It is one of the only password managers to offer such an option.

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