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nPerf allows you to measure the quality of the Internet connection by performing tests. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this tool and how it works.

nPerf is a tool for flow measurement which can be used to determine the quality of the Internet connection. It is used to test ADSL and fibre connections as well as 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks. How does nPerf test the Internet connection and what services does it offer?

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How did nPerf come to be?

DegroupTest was founded in 2003. At the time, the company’s objective was to meet the needs of consumers who wanted to know if their telephone line was eligible for unbundling. The aim was to be able to benefit from Internet access with Free, but above all from triple play. Towards the end of 2002, Freebox launched the world’s first triple play offer combining Internet access, telephony and television. nPerf was thus created to cope with the increased demand following this commercial offer.

Today, the service can be used for test the connection 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wimax, Wifi and Ethernet. The 3G and 4G data rate test has allowed nPerf to quickly become international. Currently, the brand is present all over the world.

nPerf’s test protocol

The developer of nPerf provides consumers with a fairly full internet connection test protocol. This protocol is used to measure the throughput downstreamthe rate amount and the latency of the connection. In addition, an evaluation of the quality User experience for web browsing from mobile devices.

The nPerf test on mobile is available for devices running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It determines a score that allows the user to compare his results with the national and regional average, all operators and all technologies combined.

nPerf: how does the test work?

To measure throughputs, a connection saturation must be induced. The user must download for a few seconds incompressible data with one or more simultaneous connections. The capacity measurement is obtained by calculating the average throughputThe average flow rate is calculated by dividing the lowest and highest samples by 5%.

As for the ping, the test should be run at least ten times. This gives a minimum, an average and the jitter (maximum variation between measurements). In addition, the loading time of the different sites launched to perform the test brings out the performance index of the navigation.

In addition, nPerf also measures the connection for the streaming video. To do this, we need to consider the relationship between the time of loading and read pdf nPerf has its own algorithm that lets calculate the final score from the results of the different tests mentioned above. In the end, it can determine an overall indicator of user experience.

Test features

With the nPerf test, the user can choose theunit of data rate: kilobits per second (kb/s), kibibits per second (kio/s), megabits per second (Mb/s), or megabytes per second (Mio/s). Many servers are also available. The user is then free to choose the most appropriate unit to measure the quality of his Internet connection.

The test is accessible from a web browser and also offers an Android and iPhone version. The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone platforms. However, this application requires a device compatible or a mobile device with Internet access. Devices with the following operating systems are compatible: iOS under iOS 9 for iPhone, Android OS 4.0.3, Windows Phone 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 mobile.

nPerf test modes

The test is in TCPi.e. without going through the browser. This is nPerf’s preferred test mode, which is why it has a certain worldwide reputation. However, in order to take advantage of it, one must reach remote services on TCP ports 8080 and 8081. It is only when the TCP mode is inaccessible, i.e. when ports 8080 and 8081 are blocked, that the test is performed in HTTP mode.

In HTTPThe test is done through the browser and the data rates are limited to 100Mb/s. It does not work beyond this limit. Every year, nPerf performs several million tests and billions of mobile network coverages. The brand has over 1,400 servers worldwide. The total bandwidth exceeds 5 Tb/s.

Data collection

The nPerf brand collection data on the data coverage of different operators around the world. This is done in order to be able to propose barometers on their networks. Moreover, these operators need such information in order to optimize their network deployment. Thus, even if the services are free, users still feed the site’s database.

In addition, the brand values the data collected from operators and Internet service providers. These are considered representative of the real state of the network. Data from telecommunications regulatory authorities in some countries are also valued in the same way.

With respect to data collection, nPerf only considers geolocated statistical data which are not personally identifiable. This includes geolocation, network information, type and model of the terminal. nPerf also collects the system version and measurements made during the tests.

Data processing on nPerf

The data collected feed the site, allowing it to perform several publications and the posting of statistics on its page. This implies that the information collected has become property of the company nPerf SAS.

At the same time, the company offers for sale, to those interested, data raw and complete for a defined geographical area. Thus, its customers have the possibility to perform detailed analyses of the data. Nevertheless, this data becomes totally anonymous (with a masked IP).

On the other hand, personal data is only required when the user subscribes to the opening of his account. In any case, there is a document called CGU or General Conditions of Use which stipulates the conditions of use of these data. Each user can consult the GTU on the site at any time.

Terms and conditions of use

A single document gathers the general conditions of use. This document contains the contract indicated by nPerf. It contains the information needed by the user before performing the test. This document lists several items.

The preamble defines the characteristics of the test. A number of articles stipulate the terms and conditions and the conditions of use. Moreover, some articles designate the rights and obligations of the company and the test user. And since it is a French company, article 15 of this contract stipulates that the TOS are subject to French law.

In addition to that, the following article underlines that in the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute about the validity will be submitted to the competent French Courts. The same applies to disputes related to the interpretation or execution of these TOS and/or services, according to the same article.

Services offered by nPerf

nPerf offers both free services and a subscription to premium paid services:

nPerf’s free services

nPerf offers accessible services for free by all users wishing to measure the speed of their Internet connection. In this way, any user can benefit from quite complete free services. Indeed, any user can perform the various tests offered by the brand for free and have the results of these tests. The instant barometer and the mapping of mobile signal strength and speed are available free of charge. On the mobile application, the history of the last 10 tests and the active mapping can be consulted for free.

Apart from the free services, anyone who has created a user account can access the enriched services. This is an exclusive access on the site, to the dashboard of all the tests on theapplication Web and on theapplication mobile. This also gives the right to save the test data in the cloud nPerfand hosted on servers located on French territory.

Premium paid services

Premium services require a subscription to a one-year subscription. Of course, subscribers have access to free services in addition to the enhanced services.

Subscribing to the paid services gives access to some additional benefits. For example, access to thehistory is unlimited. Subscribers to the premium services can download the partial results of the last 100 tests in CSV format. The location The geographical location of the user and the network used is displayed in real time. Depending on the platform on which the user has subscribed, it is possible to select the number of simultaneous connections and have access to the functionality.

In addition, the free services show the ads intended to sponsor the site while in the premium version, these are removed. Please note that the nPerf service subscription contract includes the rights and obligations of both parties, especially for premium subscribers.

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