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The neobank aims to reinvent the banking industry with comprehensive products that include a current account, credit card and discounted rates. Discover below a comparison of the different players.

For several years now, the neobank market has appeared in France. It is beginning to grow, bringing banks into the 21st century through advanced software and reduced fees, especially across borders. This comparison examines the offers of seven of them to facilitate the choice of each according to his needs.

Ranking of the best neobanks

  • Orange Bank
  • N26
  • Revolut
  • Nickel
  • Ma fench Bank (post office)
  • Canb
  • eko

Table of contents

Orange Bank

orange bank

It was in November 2017 that the renowned operator Orange launched its neobank. The latter mobile constitutes to date the mobile bank that is more like a traditional banking institution. Indeed, opening a current account with Orange Bank allows you to benefit from a Visa card, a checkbook, travel coverage and assistance in case of need for repatriation.

In addition, an authorized overdraft, a savings product and a personal loan or mortgage complete the offer. Withdrawals from ATMs in the euro zone remain completely free of charge. However, payments and direct debits in foreign currencies are subject to a 2% fee.

Subscribe to the Orange Bank Premium card

Orange Bank has renewed its range of bank cards, replacing Visa with MasterCard. This evolution rhymes with a reduction in the terms of use of the cards. Previously, it was necessary to make at least three transactions (payment, withdrawal) to avoid the monthly fee of 5 euros, but now only one transaction per month will be enough to avoid it.

As for the penalty, it also decreases to 2 euros per month. It should be noted that at Orange Bank the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, as well as the maintenance of sub-accounts are not part of its services.

To top it all off, Orange Bank has implemented specific processes to manage security within its platform. These are designed to strengthen the protection of the neobank’s customers and to prevent fraud and identity theft. These measures complement the operator’s own system and are perfectly in line with its commitment to make Orange look like a “reliable operator”.

Open an account with Orange Bank


  • An attractive start-up bonus.
  • A premium contract for 1 euro for young people under 26 years old.


  • The savings offer does not include regulated savings books.
  • You have to use the card to avoid the fee


N26, this neobank with German origins was introduced to the market in 2015. Its reputation was established thanks to its more innovative app. In fact, the mobile bank has been very successful claiming today to exceed seven million members across 25 countries.

N26 has revamped its services and now offers 4 packages dedicated to a wider audience. These include N26 Metal and N26 You, N26 Smart and N26 Standard. These are accompanied by more developed services for a premium account such as sub-accounts or joint sub-accounts, travel insurance, a rounding system, cashback for certain brands

Its premium service differs from the classic formula by offering a black MasterCard called N26 You. It also offers assistance and insurance guarantees as well as free cash and currency withdrawal. In addition, those looking for a neobank for professionals can subscribe to the free N26 Business package provided they go through the MasterCard Business.

As of March 2021, N26’s free package no longer includes a bank card. However, it is possible to order one. Those who opt for this package still have the option to pay in store or online with a virtual MasterCard.

N26 intends to launch features in the cryptocurrency area by offering a virtual currency transfer solution. It is stepping up its efforts and taking initiatives to provide a reliable banking solution to its subscribers. Some of the features to ensure account security include instant notifications, in-app card locking, 3D Secure.

Open an account with N26


  • Services appropriate to the different profiles.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive application.


  • Only 25 free withdrawal transactions per month.
  • No cash deposits possible.


revolut neobank logo

Revolut was the very first mobile bank in this comparison to provide innovative services. In particular the possibility to buy crypto-currencies and to trade almost free of charge shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange

It doesn’t take long to get an account with Revolute and join the plans offered, namely the Standard, Plus and Premium plans as well as the Metal pack. The Plus account is designed to encourage users of standard accounts to upgrade to a paid service.

At its core, Revolut was designed specifically for mobile workers. In fact, it has always been particularly generous to them. It offers them the possibility of making unlimited payments without fees wherever they are. Since it is a deferred debit card, the neobank does not set a limit on payments. As for withdrawals, Revolut sets a limit not on transactions, but rather on the amount.

The neobank also offers daily insurance and a payment system via Google Pay or Apple Pay. On the customer experience side, Revolut proves to be a powerful tool. It allows you to monitor your available budget on a daily basis and to share your spending with your friends.

The mobile bank also provides access to several convenient options. The “shared expenses” function consists of accounting for all transactions made during vacations or events. At the end of the day, it is possible to determine who should be reimbursed and who should pay back the money. In addition, the neobank has implemented the SEPA instant transfer system.

Open an account with Revolut


  • Account management costs at 0 euro
  • No revenue requirement


  • No authorized overdraft
  • No checkbook


neobank nickel account

Nickel has been a pioneer in mobile banking accounts since 2014. In 2017, this company was acquired by BNP Paribas and now offered through several tobacconists. To benefit from its service, all you have to do is take 5 minutes to open an account and sign up for a package. This action provides a RIB and also a MasterCard for the price of 20 euros annually.

Indeed, this mobile bank is accessible to everyone without distinction, even to those who cannot enjoy a bank account. Although it is possible to take out a Nickel subscription on the Internet, the collaboration with tobacconists is a real advantage. In fact, the latter authorize the deposit and withdrawal of cash directly in their stores.

It should be noted in passing that payments made in euros are completely free. However, this principle does not apply to ATM withdrawals and foreign currency payments, which represent one euro per transaction. Nickel does not yet offer mobile payments. However, since September 2021, it is possible to make cheque deposits by post. Nickel is outdoing itself and wants to open up to other targets by focusing on top-level cards.

The neobank has launched Nickel Chrome at a rate of 30 euros per month. This card for tourists and travelers corresponds to the Visa Premier or MasterCard Gold. In addition, in 2019, in order to expand its offer, the mobile bank has put forward a proposal to buy cryptocurrencies, among them is the bitcoin.

Open a Nickel account


  • The quality mobile application
  • Accessible banking offers for the unbanked.


  • Lack of benefits for professionals and the joint account.
  • No credit or savings products

My French Bank (La Poste)

ma french bank la poste

La Banque Postale has launched a banking service on the market in July 2019. Ma fench Bank has a license and offers a solution for 2 euros monthly without any commitment or service fees abroad. This mobile bank offers the subscriber the possibility to consult in real time his expenses, but also to manage efficiently his account, his bank card via the application.

In addition, this banking service highlights various convenient features like mobile transfer via Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. In addition, Ma French Bank allows you to make transfers via SMS. In addition, other products complete the range including:

  • Ma Tirelire to save money,
  • My Extra Loan to make a loan,
  • KissKiss BankBank to finance a project,
  • Let’s Cagnotte for the launch of a collection
  • and We Partage to better manage common expenses.

Note that the subscription to an insurance costs 2 euros more per month.

Similarly, to meet the needs of teenagers aged 12 to 17, the neobank has created a bank account called WeStart. To subscribe to this service, you have to pay 2 euros per month and offer the beneficiary an international Visa card with immediate debit. In April 2021, Ma French Bank has again enriched its services with a home insurance and another on mobile devices.

Open an account with My French Bank


  • No conditions of use.
  • Visa Classic or Premier Insurance.


  • Account maintenance costs of 2 euros per month
  • No checkbook



CanB is the first current account to have a favorable impact in this comparison. It is one of the payment tools offered in France and was created in 2019 around the Tech For Change SAS project. On this occasion, this company launched a bank card called Impact. The latter allows you to benefit from each use, whether on the internet or in store, even if it’s only for 1 euro of baguette, the transfer in a kitty. The money is then donated to associations of general interest.

In concrete terms, for each payment made with the CanB card, a rate of 0.05% is returned. This rate can reach 10% when purchases are made from merchants who are partners in the project. For each donation, a tax receipt is issued, which allows for a tax reduction of 66 or even 75%.

Another major advantage of subscribing to this solution is that the maintenance of the current account is free, while the use of the Visa card is free of charge, as are all payments.

The neobank’s package includes 3 withdrawals from ATMs in euros per month. For withdrawals from foreign currency ATMs, the fee is 1 euro plus 1.95% of the amount withdrawn.

By joining the current account, the initial credit card can also pay for every purchase.

Open a CanB account


  • Systematically Authorized Visa
  • No income requirement


  • Checks are not accepted.
  • no welcome offer


Created in 2017, the neobank Eko By CA is ideal for those who want to monitor their spending and do not want to be overdrawn. Its main asset lies in the fact that it is based on the Crédit Agricole system.

Its objective is to provide a modern and economical structure, without neglecting fundamental elements. In particular, the cheques and the physical branch, but at a much lower price than the usual one. It is mainly aimed at a young public with low financial means. The most common method of payment remains the bank card. Accepted almost everywhere, its particularity lies in the fact that the balance can be controlled.

Paylib is one of the complementary services of Eko By CA and represents a secure and easy-to-access payment method for customers. For in-store payments made from a smartphone, it should be noted that for the moment the Android system is the only one that works. With the iPhone, it is possible to pay for shopping online or to pay back a friend. However, as part of its current policy, Apple excludes the possibility of making a payment in stores with Paylib. Non-Apple cell phone owners will no longer have to take out their credit card.

To open a free Eko By CA bank account, simply register on the site.

Open an Eko by CA account


  • An attractive price
  • A dedicated advisor for banking services.


  • An incomplete offer
  • An anecdotal checkbook

How does a neobank work?

The neo-bank works according to a simple concept. It offers completely dematerialized account management. All services and transactions are done through applications or from the website. In fact, unlike traditional banking institutions, neobanks as a whole do not have a physical network or branches. However, they do allow cash withdrawals from ATMs. Furthermore, neobanks are distinguished by their great ability to open up abroad.

Of course, these mobile banks do not provide the same services as a traditional bank, including check or cash deposits, loans and financial investments. However, they allow all the day-to-day processes related to managing bank accounts to be carried out securely, quickly and economically.

Why choose a neobank?

Neo-banks make everyday life easier by being modern, affordable, simple to manage and accessible to all. In addition, these mobile banks avoid travel, and especially the need to adapt to the time constraints of traditional banks. Indeed, all the steps are done online via an intuitive and ergonomic application.

In most cases, the costs associated with managing the account, holding the bank card and even the transfer made are completely zero. Therefore, the user benefits from traditional banking services at unbeatable rates. Finally, for international transactions, the conversion and debit fees are very low compared to the often exorbitant fees charged by traditional banks.

When to open an account in a neobank?

There are two reasons for when to open an account with a neobank.

When bank fees become a concern

In general, mobile bank fee schedules defy competition. They take advantage of much lower fees than traditional banking institutions. As a result, they are able to fully exploit these savings in their fees.

Moreover, for those who are computer literate and have a connection, adopting a neo-bank allows them to enjoy a very good quality of use. Indeed, these mobile banks are ergonomic and designed for “all media” use

For greater speed

The Internet has increased the number and speed of all types of exchanges. Mobile banks have also taken advantage of this trend. As a result, it is no longer necessary to wait for the bank advisor to intervene. With the neo-bank, it is possible to do everything yourself online and very quickly.

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