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LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that allows users to learn at their own pace from a training library that contains thousands of courses covering a range of topics.

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, is a professional development tool available to LinkedIn users. This platform has over 16,000 coursesHowever, most of them are in English.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

It is an extension of the LinkedIn platform, offering online courses. It should be noted that the courses offered by the platform do not have a diploma value in the eyes of the state. In fact, LinkedIn Learning simply aims to to develop the user’s skills.

However, every course you take on LinkedIn Learning is displayed on your professional profile as a badge. This will identify the user in question to other members of the network.

Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Each course is broken down into numerous short videos with specific learning objectives. As an example, a subscriber who wants to learn marketing strategies for Instagram can follow a five-minute video on how to develop a publishing schedule for that platform.

The courses are divided into three categories

Courses on LinkedIn Learning are divided into three categories Business, Technology and Creative. In addition, these categories also have many sections. For example, the category business Has 15 sections, namely personal development, leadership training, management, marketing, accounting, finance, MailChimp, Google Analytics, SEO, etc.

Courses on technology include information on platforms, applications, programming languages, etc. The courses creative Range from web design and user experience to music and photography.

Certification courses

In addition to individual courses, LinkedIn Learning also offers certification coursesTo be precise, there are 34 of them. So you can get credits for certifications in project management, marketing or programming, for example.

While LinkedIn Learning is available for individuals, the platform offers programs for employers, government agencies, colleges, and universities. These programs are data-driven and designed to provide learners with the skills they need to succeed.

According to LinkedIn Learning, the platform can also improve engagement for government and corporate employees. For students, it can provide additional training and help find a job after graduation.

The Price of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers 4 types of subscriptions. However, the user is entitled to a one month trial period free. Then, subscriptions automatically renew after the trial period. Those who pay monthly for LinkedIn Premium automatically have access to LinkedIn Learning. For those who don’t want to subscribe, they can take individual courses instead.

Enterprise subscriptions include additional benefits, such as analytics and reporting tools for human resources. There is also a skills analysis tool to assess staff gaps. Subscription fees vary depending on the number of users.

LinkedIn Learning Basic Pricing

To subscribe to LinkedIn Learning Basic, the user must pay 22.19 euros per month or 215.88 euros per year (17.99 euros/month). The basic package allows the subscriber to access over 16,000 courses taught by experts, receive personalized training recommendations, obtain a certificate as soon as the training is completed, evaluate themselves with the help of quizzes, use exercise sheets to train themselves as well as the possibility of watching courses offline.

LinkedIn Learning Premium Pricing

LinkedIn Learning Premium is priced at 26.39 per month or 226,18 euros per year (22.19 euros/month). In addition to the benefits of the basic package, those who subscribe to the premium package can have InMail messaging, discover who has viewed the LinkedIn profile and also get competitive information from other candidates.

LinkedIn Learning Refund Policy

LinkedIn Premium subscriptions, which include LinkedIn Learning, are not refundable. However, the user can receive a refund on the purchase of individual courses within the first 30 days. The subscription can be cancelled in the settings section.

LinkedIn Learning: what is it?

How do I use LinkedIn Learning? Here are some tips

How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

To access LinkedIn Learning, simply go to However, you can also access it from your account using either the icon in the corner or the “Work” drop-down menu.

Once the account is activated, the user is prompted to choose the skills that interest him. Next, you will need to Set weekly learning objectives. In this context, you can enter the number of minutes (15-120) you want to spend on learning each week.

You can also choose to receive email notifications and/or reminders for reaching your goal. This will help you stay on track with your development goals and also increase your productivity.

How do I find content?

To find content on the LinkedIn Learning platform, simply click “Browse” or do a custom search using the search bar.

The “Home” icon will redirect you directly to the LinkedIn Learning homepage. The “In Progress” tab contains all the courses you are currently viewing. Under the “Save” icon, you will find all the content you have saved.

The banner at the top of the homepage shows you new content based on the learning paths you have chosen in the past, your current position and the skills you are interested in.



Taking a course on LinkedIn Learning demonstrates your willingness to continually learn and adapt. Once you complete a course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

You can download the certificate and/or share it on your LinkedIn profile. If you share it on your profile, you have the opportunity to update your skills with what you have learned. You can also add the certificate to your profile without creating a post.

Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

This platform may be worth it if you want to develop your professional skills, especially if you are an active user of LinkedIn. Based on your profile, LinkedIn Learning can assess the skills you have listed or those you need to improve your professional status.

“We use and leverage all of the real-time data that LinkedIn has to help people identify the skills they need to learn, so that they are customized to your specific learning goals,” says Mordy Golding, director of content for LinkedIn Learning.

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