[ITW] “They make the Data” | Gaelle Molle (Red Hat): “We notice a real digital fatigue”

As part of our “They’re doing the data” feature, Gaëlle Molle, Field Marketing Manager at Red Hat, agreed to take stock of the past year and the major marketing challenges of the new year.

Gaelle Molle, Field Marketing Manager at Red Hat: I have indeed identified problems but they are, a priori, global to the whole sector. I have noticed, for example, a real digital fatigue which is probably linked to the pandemic context, but also to the fact that the sector organized and sold a lot of webinars and digital events last year and finally, this niche of “face cam” events is experiencing a kind of saturation. This is also true for emailings. We notice that emails are less opened, that the click rates are less good. With the pandemic, face-to-face events such as trade shows have been replaced by an online presence. In addition to this, teleworking, meetings on Zoom…

Is this the end of webinars? Are you seeing an erosion in the number of participants or registrants?

The end, probably not. But 2021 clearly marks a loss of steam, but there are still some springs, for example to find really qualitative speakers, to answer problems rather than to present a product in a too frontally commercial approach. There is undoubtedly something to be done in terms of the duration and length of events. We can see that a one-hour webinar is too long. We now rely more on 20 to 25 minute formats. In terms of metrics, for software publishers, we are currently on about 60% of no-shows. In addition, replays are not really watched. I think there is a real weariness around screens, so we will have to reinvent ourselves. This is part of the marketers’ job and it will be our challenge for 2022.

Do you already have some ideas? Any ideas for formats?

In the first quarter we will still have to stay with digital formats but the idea is to move towards something more qualitative. For example, organizing virtual conversations on platforms and offering quality information with a reduced number of speakers. It will be a question of moving towards something that resembles digital networking, simply discussing a specific subject between experts.

And what formats are working best right now?

That obviously depends on the personas. For example, if we’re targeting CIOs in this case, we offer emailing, written content such as white papers, blog posts on topics such as leadership, or peer-to-peer events. When we target more operational people, we make sure to be more technical. For example, we organize workshops or meetups. What works best, however, are physical events such as trade shows. We meet better and more easily. We can get to the heart of the matter more quickly and have long discussions that create a real link.

If you had to define the coming year in one word, and what can we wish you?

Renewal! We also hope to meet our customers again very soon. I think there is a real desire to return on both sides.

Interview by Amandine Durand

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