IT: the freelance’s Eldorado

While the IT sector is not experiencing a crisis in France, companies are struggling to recruit. A situation that benefits self-employed personsfor whom to find a freelance IT mission is no longer part of the fighter’s journey.

A growth sector that is struggling to attract

French IT is currently experiencing a real boom. The sector’s annual turnover has surpassed 56.4 billion in 2018which has been rising steadily over the past five years. This upturn can be explained in particular by the galloping digitisation and robotisation of the French economy…with a gondola head, Cloud-related services. And with the new privacy legislation (RGPD)The needs of the sector are not likely to diminish in the future, on the contrary.

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In 2018, 50,000 to 60,000 IT posts have been created. Almost all of these hires (94%) were on permanent contracts. IT is thus one of the sectors that generate the most jobs in France. Despite this, the sector remains chronically short of manpower. The observation is indisputable: IT is recruiting en masse, but does not make workers dream. Companies are thus struggling to find employees and do not hesitate to hire junior profiles (about 30% of recruitments).

Freelancers take flight

freelance computer programmer working on the carpet in his living room.

Well aware of the scarcity of their talents, computer professionals are trying to make the most of it. As a result, many of them go abroad in search of more attractive salaries. Those who stay in France often change employers. This is how it works, one out of every two companies suffers from very high turnover.

Those who do not join a new society are increasingly opting for independence. Of the 365,000 professionals in the sector, 31,000, or 8.5%, work as freelancers. Seduced by the freedom of freelance work, they are prepared to do without the security of a permanent position. In addition, the higher salary of a freelancer, 30% higher on average compared to his colleague on permanent contracts, mitigates the temporary financial difficulties. For freelancers, the main thing remains to find missions.

Finding an assignment has never been easier.

With the explosion of teleworkingA whole industry has been created to help freelancers work better and find their dream job. The IT sector is no exception to this trend. The networking has never been easier with social networks or the growing number of trade shows. Those who yearn for social interaction can work in coworking spaces. Discussions over a cup of coffee sometimes lead to unexpected contracts or collaborations. Finally, there are the freelance platforms on the internet. For a fee, these sites are a mine of opportunities for freelancers.

While the boundaries between board, service or integrations are becoming more and more porous, the IT freelancer, with his versatility, is well positioned to take advantage of the economic situation for a long time to come.

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