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AI and Big Data business schools allow you to take advantage of a future-oriented education, guaranteeing employability in the very long term. So how do you choose the best school? Discover all the criteria to take into account to find the school corresponding to your expectations.

Everyday life and work, data and artificial intelligence have become ubiquitous. These technologies are particularly used in business in the areas of marketing and sales.

They are used in particular for advertising targeting, for optimizing the customer experience, or for sales forecasting and market research. For example, Big Data is now one of the main assets companies.

In this context, it is particularly relevant to choose a data and/or AI business school. Such an education not only provides business skills, but also solid notions related to modern technologies in order to have a double competence.

Due to the high demand from companies, more and more business schools are offering specialized courses. However, it is It is essential to choose well among the various institutions. Here are the main criteria to consider…

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Business school rankings

Each year, business schools are handpicked through various rankings. These lists aim to establish a hierarchy of schools according to various criteria, many of them academic:, number of research professors, international academic accreditations, relations with companies, international influence…

However, not all schools can participate in these rankings. Only schools with a Master’s degree are invited to do so. However, there are other schools, which focus their pedagogy on professional rather than academic recognition, which deserve to be considered. Simply relying on the rankings will be very limiting when choosing a school.

The recognition of the school and its diplomas

Recognitions are another major point for choosing a business school. There are different kinds of them:

The academic recognition goes through the ministry of higher education. It is translated by different levels: training, school recognized by the State, diploma Grade of Master…

The Ministry of Higher Education and Rectorates evaluate in particular the premises, the equipment, the pedagogy or the financial management. Depending on these evaluations, a school may be recognized for an indefinite period.

In addition, it should be noted that a school can be recognized by the State without its diplomas being recognized. A state-recognized school must undertake a procedure and apply to the Ministry for its diplomas to be “approved”. .

The visa is issued by the Ministry after studying the content of the training, the speakers and the pedagogy. It should be noted that some masters programs only accept students who have obtained a recognized diploma of Bac+3 level.

Among the academic recognitions, we can cite the degree of licence and the degree of master These labels are recognized by the teaching world and in particular by professors and researchers.

The professional recognition goes through the Ministry of Labour and France Compétences, a body attached to it. It results in the delivery of a certified title, recognized by the State, registered in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles). This title is granted on the basis of a very detailed file and a survey of graduates, proving that the job opportunities are real and correspond to the skills announced.

An RNCP certification shows that the training is adapted to the French job market. The holder of such a diploma certifies his or her skills and ability to practice a trade.

Choosing an RNCP training course therefore allows to access a position in a company more easily. If you want to enter the job market very quickly, this is the best choice.

Pedagogy and program

Each business school develops its own curriculum. Some choose to design a program focused on pure theory, others prefer to develop practice-oriented and professionally oriented courses.

Choose a business school that meets real needs of companies is preferable, especially in the field of AI and Big Data. These technologies require technical skills, but also need to be applied in a way that solves real-world problems.

It is therefore worthwhile to opt for a school that allows students to carry out real projects for companies. Similarly, a faculty made up of professional speakers is a major asset.

An AI and Big Data business school should teach both the fundamentals of a traditional business school (marketing, sales, management…) and the concepts related to data science (analysis, quality, regulation, ethics, governance…).

Also, soft skills are very important Both in the field of business and Big Data. Therefore, skills such as communication and teamwork should not be neglected in the course of training.

Internships and work-study

Each business school weaves its network of partner companies. In some cases, programs are designed in collaboration with these organizations.

This is what allows schools to offer internships and work-study contracts of high quality. This is a real strength, as these real-life experiences allow students to become familiar with the profession and often constitute a pre-employment in the company.

In the field of AI and Big Data, the demand from companies far exceeds the supply of qualified professionals. It is therefore Very easy to get a job After an internship or work-study contract, especially if you developed the dual business/technical skills they are looking for at school!

The student network

The alumni network should not be neglected. Joining a school with a large number of alumni allows you to benefit from contacts in companies, but also to discover job opportunities that one might not think of.

It is also wise to choose a business school with a wide variety of students. This makes it possible to establish links with atypical profiles, coming from various horizons and thus bringing a richness to the staff. These conditions are ideal to meet future partners and to start a project…

Some schools function as a network because they belong to a large higher education group. Several schools share the same campus and sometimes work on joint projects. This is one more opportunity to expand one’s friendly and professional network and to open up to other personalities and profiles.

Student life

This might seem secondary, but student life is an important part of a business school. personal growth contributes strongly to academic and professional success and participation in community projects is an additional and different way to develop your skills.

A rich community life, an atmosphere and a quality of life Pleasant are solid advantages for a business school. This is especially important for an AI / Big Data course, where the need to decompress can quickly become apparent…

You now know the criteria to choose an AI and Big Data business school. Don’t waste another second, and make your selection among the existing courses!

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