Google tackles Amazon with Machine Learning marketing tools

Google announces a new suite of marketing tools using Machine Learning technology. Among these tools is a service that appears to be designed to hurt Amazon by attracting more customers to physical points of sale…

This Tuesday, July 10, 2018, Google announces a new suite of marketing tools based on the Machine Learning. These tools will allow marketers to create more effective advertising.

In addition, the new Local Campaigns service will allow for to increase the number of visits to physical points of sale by optimizing the placement of ads on the different Google platforms.

All companies need to do is provide an address and an advertisement, and the Google Learning Machine will take care of it. automatically optimize the placement of advertisementss. This service is based on anonymous data from Google users who have activated their geolocation history.

Google wants to help physical points of sale to attract customers

physical shop marketing data driven

According to Google, consumers still shop in physical outlets as a priority. Mobile searches of nearby locations have tripled in the last two years. 80% of consumers go to the store when they want an item immediately.

This boost to physical points of sale from Google also comes in the following form as a tackle on Amazon.. As a reminder, in April 2018, Amazon stopped buying PLAs (Product Listing Ads) from Google, suggesting that the Seattle-based firm was considering a breakthrough in the field of digital advertising. This new service seems to be Google’s answer.

Among other marketing tools unveiled by Google, we count Responsive Search Ads. These ads use the Learning Machine to “combine, associate and optimize creative assets in real time to display the best performing ads for each search query.

The Smart Shopping campaigns They use Machine Learning to optimize marketing efforts based on user-defined criteria and objectives. Finally, the Maximize Life for YouTube allows you to automatically adjust offers to optimize advertising performance.

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