France: the volume of data generated has grown by 701% since 2016

In France, the volume of data generated is growing even faster than in the rest of the world. On the other hand, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their data and are not necessarily exploiting its value. This is revealed in the new Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index report.

Since 2016, the volume of data generated has increased by 569% since 2016. In France, the phenomenon is even more impressive with an increase of 701%.

That’s according to the Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index report, the result of a survey of 2,200 IT decision-makers officials for companies with more than 250 employees in 18 countries and 11 industries. These decision-makers were asked about a number of issues such as the maturity of their data protection strategies, the value they place on data, and how their companies are preparing to exploit the data.

France: only 20% of companies monetize their data, compared to 54% in the United States

Unfortunately, in parallel with the explosion in data volume, irreversible data loss is becoming increasingly common. The number of companies suffering such a “disaster” has nearly doubled since 2016. Today, more than one in three companies report permanent loss of data due to a security breach.

Companies are struggling to find solutions adapted to new technologies for the protection of their data. More than half (51%) say they are unable to find data protection solutions optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Similarly, 47% do not find solutions adapted to the Cloud and 40% for IOT.

Last point of the report: the value of the data. While 80% of companies claim to be aware of the value of data, only 20% monetize them at the moment.. By comparison, the percentage rises to 44% in the UK and 54% in the US. France is even below the world average of 36%.

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