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The attraction by the field of Artificial Intelligence is increasing. Indeed, AI-related jobs are in full bloom with 11% growth expected from 2019 to 2029.

The advancement of research and progress through AI is opening up to a world of endless possibilities. According to the professional platform LinkedIn, jobs related to Artificial Intelligence or AI are currently growing rapidly. In this issue, we will present some job opportunities in AI.

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Opportunities in terms of AI jobs

Among the great multitude, here are 10 AI job opportunities to enlighten those who wish to learn or train at the same time.

The engineer in machine learning

This professional works both as a software engineer and data scientist. Using Big Data and programming frameworks, the machine learning engineer builds scalable data science models. These will easily manage huge masses of data in real time. Those who want to acquire this position must have done at least three courses: In software engineering, applied research, and data science.. In the United States, a machine learning engineer earns about $131,000. Those who work at large companies such as Apple, Meta or Twitter earn more up to $200,000.

The data scientist

This professional works with data. Depending on the objectives, the collection, analysis and exploitation of data are part of his daily routine. He exploits technological tools, processes as well as algorithms to build up data knowledge and to identify meaningful patterns. The complexity of the data scientist’s task varies, he may simply be required to detect malfunctions. On the other hand, he can try to predict the future to better anticipate it. Recently, an AI was able to predict crimes in advance with 90% success. This professional must have a higher education in computer science, mathematics, or statistics. The standard salary for a data scientist is around 105,000 dollars. With experience, this figure can rise to 200 000 dollars.

The developer of Business Intelligence

The developer of Business Intelligence exploits real internal or external data in order to be able to take appropriate decisions. These decisions are made by considering the objectives of the company for which they work. Very active in stock exchanges and commercial companies, the BI developer works on advanced cloud technologies. A BI developer must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science Or any similar field. Being responsible for data modeling, design and maintenance, this position requires experience in data miningand in SQLetc. The ability to analyze is central to this profession, the salary varies from 86,500 dollars up to 130,000 for the most experienced.

The researcher: a classic of the AI professions

The academic career as a research scientist is a great opportunity in Artificial Intelligence. The researcher is in charge of the scientific watchIt extends the knowledge and the limits of knowledge in the field, thanks to the questions it asks. This type of AI profession requires a PhD in computer science. Companies rely on researchers to provide the intellectual pathway for the computer perceptionthe mathematicsthe natural language, l’automatic learningetc. Beyond all these capabilities, the researcher must master comparative analysis, parallel and distributed computing and artificial intelligence. The researcher perceives approximately 99,800 on average.

The Big Data Architect or Engineer

The Big Data architect or engineer acts in the creation of ecosystems facilitating the communication between several sectors of activity. Working on Hadoop and Sparkthe Big Data architect is called to the planningthe designand the development of Big Data environments. The Big Data architect does not have to have a PhD in computer science or mathematics. However, organizations prefer to recruit those who do, but highly value the more experienced. The qualifications required for these AI jobs: skills in C++, Java programming, Python, Scala. The Big Data architect is one of the best paid AI jobs with 151,300 as the average salary.

The software engineer

In charge of the creation of software for AI applications. The software engineer encompasses the activities of development, coding, quality control, API management, and continuous integration for AI. These creations are used by data scientists and architects. The software engineer must be regularly alerted to updates on new cutting-edge AI technologies. He must master both theartificial intelligence and the software engineering. In his primary qualifications, the software engineer is competent in programming and statistical analysis. Organizations require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or statistics. Working as a software engineer, one can earn 108,000 on average and reach 150,000 dollars depending on specialization.

The software architect

The software architect is very active in the designthe system maintenanceof the tools and platforms. All his work is in the service of the technology for theArtificial Intelligence. He works on his creations, his planning, the solutions he develops as well as the toolkits used to streamline data traffic. This position also requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. The combination of practical and theoretical knowledge is essential. The software architect must be familiar with cloud platforms, software development and statistical analysis. Very well paid, he earns 150 000 dollars and can increase depending on its expertise in AI.

The data analyst

He is in charge of the preparation of data for the models of machine learning and the presentation of the reports depending on the results. The AI data analyst must be calibrated in calculations, SQL and other languages for theefficient use of data. It also uses the analytical dashboards for better visualization. A culture of Business Intelligence is sometimes required. It must earn approximately 65,000. Those lucky enough to get hired by the big companies such as Meta earn up to 100,000 dollars.

The robotic engineer

Appearing around the 1950s, the first industrial robots have evolved considerably since then. The robotic engineer was born at the same time, today with the rise of AI, this career is evolving. Xiaomi CyberOne is the latest humanoid robot unveiled at 100,000 euros. In AI, this engineer creates and maintains AI robots. The function of these robots varies depending on the institutions that use them. From healthcare to personal assistance, robots are slowly becoming part of human life. In order to create and maintain them well, organizations require engineers with degrees in computer science, engineering. This robotic branch touches theIoT, 2D/3D vision systems, CAD/CAM, etc. The robotics engineer touches approximately 87,000 dollars up to 130,000.

The NLP engineer

This professional specializes in the treatment of human languages: spoken and written in AI. They are usually active in assistance and speech recognitionin document processing. The NLP engineer must have a degree in computational linguistics. And skills in computer science, statistics and mathematics increase his or her advantage. Language processing requires expertise in semantic extraction techniquesin modeling and data structuringin analysis of feelings… His salary varies from 78,000 dollars à 100,000 dollarsdepending on the quality of the experience.

Why does the AI profession hold promise?

The statistics help you get a handle on it. Hiring in the field has reached 32 % growth since 2020. And since this discipline is fairly new, the vacancies as well as the skills in demand outnumber the demands. From this same perspective, the market for AI careers is far from saturated. Those who are starting to join right now have the opportunity to grow and expand their careers.

The diversity of opportunities is what seems to be most promising in Artificial Intelligence. It is therefore possible to work in Artificial Intelligence as a consultant, professional, freelancer or to belong to a specialized institution. The research field is also not excluded, it is the most open and it is not likely to close any time soon. And again, from a salary point of view, the AI professions are particularly interesting. The standard bracket is about 100,000. Those who master research and production can even develop their own AI.

Who is hiring for AI jobs?

The industry most attracted to and recruiting the most AI professionals is undoubtedly the technology industry. The big names: Microsoft, Google, Meta, Intel, Apple, Amazon, etc. are actively hiring.

Depending on the field or end goal of the company, other organizations or institutions are also hiring. From healthcare, medicine, automotive industry, banking to media, there are many opportunities to get hired as an AI practitioner. To learn more, here is an article about the possible opportunities after a Master in AI.

Even though AI is in its obvious heyday, it is still important to dive in with an ethical consideration of the directions of its evolution.

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