Find a safe and complete Data Scientist training course.

Our Data Scientist training offers you to stand out in this profession at the heart of Big Data. Receive a high level education with which you will obtain all the skills required to succeed in this field.

The advantages of our data scientist training

The Data Scientist training that we’re moving forward will help you to get into the digital business in a positive way. It prepares you to become an excellent “manager-analyst” who operates in the data world with precision. During your apprenticeship, you will be provided with methodical solutions with which you can give meaning and value to processed data.

Thanks to our training Data Scientistyou’re going to become a trusted player that a company can rely on. You will be able to suggest strategic and reliable solutions for the creation of models and algorithms.

The Data Scientist occupies a primordial place in the life of a society. For this reason alone, he must be able to understand the needs of the company. By opting for our Data Scientist trainingYou will gain professionalism and the ability to determine your customers’ expectations.

Choose our training course which will guide you in your data enhancement initiatives for all company functions. You will be able to discerning the trust data from the bad. The training we offer will also allow you to master the digital transformation of a company.

As a hybrid profile, you will get, during the training, all the abilities to combine the Data know-howwhich will allow you to have an excellent and ingenious business vision. You will also be able to deepen your soft skills and be more inclined to data-intensive. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be among the best Data Scientists? Then our training is the right thing for you.

How the courses are run

This Data Scientist training aims to transform you into a seasoned designer and prototyper who masters his art. You will have all the faculties to bring added value to your company’s data.

Module 1 of the training Data Scientist Know how to program

Our Data Scientist training shares, in this 1st module, all the basics on how to develop programming. You will have the opportunity to improve your skills by discovering various programming languages such as Python, Java, Perl or C/C++. Our training also offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge by learning about new technologies such as Numpy and Pandas.

Module 2: Mastering Dataviz

During this Data Scientist trainingYou will learn how to model the results of data analysis to make the data more readable, usable and actionable. In this 2nd module, you will discover several language libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn or Bokeh. These allow for better plotting and good visualization of data in graphical form.

Module 3 of the training Data Scientist : Mastering the Learning Machine

Our Data Scientist training will guide you on how to create a product from the collected data. You will discover classification algorithms and methods that are relevant for dealing with all types of situations. You will also learn a classification methodology simple and easy to implement.

Among other things, our training Data Scientist will provide you with clustering methods effective and relevant. And of course, you will learn how to reduce the dimensions of the data, and get to know all kinds of Regression models.

Module 4: Learning the Advanced Learning Machine

The Data Scientist training that we propose shares the different time series with Statsmodels. You will also learn to master the Text Mining to correct and clean up texts. You will also get to know the NetworkX which greatly simplifies the use of the Learning Machine and graphs.

Module 5 of the training : Know how to manage Big Data

The job of Data Scientist is necessarily related to the use of the Big Data. Our training will allow you to master the following SQL languages useful in the formulation and execution of requests. You will also manage Data Processing and Machine Learning with PySpark.

Module 6: Controlling Deep Learning

This training to become Data Scientist will inform you about the different frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, CNN-RNN and Gans. These open source artificial intelligence libraries will be a great help for your programming.

Last module: Mastering Complex Systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Data Scientist must be able to filter out all the data in his possession. That is why, in this data scientist trainingSolutions such as Recommender System, Reinforcement Learning, Deep RL and Genetic Algorithm. Become a true data scientist by registering for our training!

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