École Polytechnique Executive Education: a high-level professional training program in Data Science

École Polytechnique Executive Education offers two professional training programs in Data Science and AI. Find out everything you need to know about these programs, which enable you to develop the skills expected by companies for jobs that are recruiting.

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Big Data and the digital transformation strategies of organizations

Over the past few years, the rise of Big Data has redefined the business world. Vast volumes of data are valuable resources for organizations across industries and are being leveraged for strategic decision-making.

Conversely, companies that do not adopt data science risk being left behind by the competition. Data analysis has therefore become a must-have practice for many organizations.

This practice requires the use of new technologies but also requires the implementation of processes and the development of a corporate culture. However, many organizations fail to finalize this mutation to becoming data-driven.

This term describes a company that exploits data analysis to guide the development of its business. Such an organization is based on the results of the analyses to make its decisions strategic, rather than relying on the instincts of its leaders or external pressures.

According to New Vantage Partners’ Data and AI Leadership Executive Survey 2022 report, 97% of companies are investing in Data initiatives, but only 47% feel they are competitive in this area. Only 27% say they have created a data-driven organizationand 19% report having established a data culture.

It is precisely what prevents companies from taking advantage of the data they have. In order to do this, data and analytics should not be the domain of a handful of technical experts.

To overcome this barrier, executives and managers must acquire “Data Literacy an ability to understand data science, handle basic analysis techniques, interpret results, and collaborate effectively with data scientists.

They must also understand How data analytics, machine learning and AI Can impact their organization and their business domain. This qualification is essential to harnessing massive data in the context of the industry to guide the company’s growth and achieve its goals.

Therefore, the development of Data Science skills has become imperative. To acquire this skill, many executives and managers choose to follow a professional training dedicated to data science or artificial intelligence.

This type of program, compatible with a professional activityThe Data Science program is designed to teach the use of algorithms and analysis techniques in the context of the company and its business. Managers can then train in Data Science and obtain a recognized certification. To train employees in Data Science and AI, École Polytechnique Executive Education offers two courses professional certification courses: Data Science Starter Program, and Advanced AI for Data Analysis.

Data Science Starter Program: Discovering Data Science

The Data Science Starter Program will enable you to learn about the methodological tools to exploit data. The expected prerequisites are an experience in programming as well as basic knowledge in probability and statistics.

The program covers pre-processing and visualization of data, Analytics and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Databases and Big Data tools.

The objective of the program is to understand and appropriate data scienceto understand the challenges of Big Data, to master the tools and techniques of data analysis and to discover how to apply them to their professional missions. The goal is also to acquire a sufficient level of understanding to interact with specialists such as Data Scientists in a professional or academic setting.

If you have a technical background with experience in programming (R, Python or other language) and basic knowledge of probability and statistics, this program is for you.

At the end of the course, you will be able to Explain the results of a data analysisto design and manage the exploitation of data, but also to supervise the realization of a Data Science project.

In addition to the courses, the training includes practical case studies, studies of industrial testimonies and researchers, as well as personal work in the form of a project.

You can work on your own project to explore its potential. This is an opportunity to receive personalized advice and to develop your strategy!

This training is certifying. To obtain this professional certification, you will have to write a thesis on a professional project and defend it before a jury.

This certification program, recognized by France Compétences, allows you to benefit from different financing schemes, often cumulative depending on your profile (CPF, company matching, regional aid, etc.).

This program covers 140 hours spread over 20 days. The next session will take place from April 7 to July 1, 2023, on the campus of the École polytechnique, in Palaiseau.

If you want to know more on this training, do not miss the information webinar which will take place on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.with the pedagogical manager of the program: Erwan LE PENNEC, Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the École Polytechnique. To register now, it is via this link.

Advanced AI for Data Analysis Program: harnessing AI for data analysis

Besides an exponential increase in volume, the complexity of data management continues to increase. Every day, vast amounts of unstructured data are generated such as text, images, audio, video or time records.

This content generated by new digital technologies offers new opportunities, but the analysis of this data is more difficult. For several years, new methods of artificial intelligence have emerged to meet this challenge.

Techniques such as Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning can extract large volumes of information very quickly and to solve complex problems, by exploiting a large computing power.

In order to learn how to handle these new methods, it is necessary to go beyond the fundamentals of Data Science. The Advanced AI for Data Analysis program, designed and offered by École Polytechnique Executive Education, will allow you to to become true specialists in Big Data. You will learn how to collect, model, store and analyze data. The program is taught by the best professors, researchers and recognized experts in the field of AI and industrial data analysis, as well as by professors or research professors from X.

You are project managers, consultants, data scientists or Data Analyststhis program is for you. Knowledge in data science is required, especially in algorithms and Machine Learning. A first experience in NLP, Deep Learning or Graph Mining is also desired.

Skills in databases, Python programming, and mathematics are also required. In addition, the modules are taught in English or French depending on the profile of the participants and the course materials are in English.

The goal of the training is to teach you how to use neural networks and Deep Learning on unstructured Big Data such as text and graphs. Thus, at the end of the course, you will master the most recent analysis techniques.

You will also have acquired skills on Machine Learning methods, Deep Learning for graphs, text mining problems and natural language analysis. Finally you will know AI algorithms to develop online business, detect fraud and extract knowledge from the web.

At the end of the course, you will participate in the Data Challenge applying the techniques covered during class to solve a case study of an industrial or academic problem. In groups, you will have two days to complete a full analysis of the topic.

This course is certifiable. To obtain this professional certification, you will have to write a thesis on a professional project and pass your individual or collective defense in front of a jury.

This certification program, recognized by France Compétences, allows you to benefit from various financing mechanisms, often cumulative depending on your profile (CPF, company matching, regional aid, etc.).

The Advanced AI for Data analysis training course takes place at a distance and lasts 77 hours, spread over 11 days. The next session starts on October 21, 2022.

This program will allow you to take on new responsibilities in your organization or to become a recognized professional in Data Science .

Why train in data science?

The ability to acquire new skills and technical expertise is one of the most important factors in career development today.

For cause, the technological innovation is more and more rapid. Professionals need to keep up with this fast pace by learning how to handle new tools and techniques. Continuing education throughout one’s career is the best way to do this.

The professional certification training have several major advantages over a traditional university degree, BootCamp or other type of short program.

First of all, they take into account the constraints of employees and the pace of training is compatible with maintaining a full-time professional activity.

Compared to a BootCamp, a certification course covers more topics and provides a wider variety of data science skills: mathematics, statistics, programming, databases, algorithms, visualization…

The different topics are covered in depth, and practical works allow to apply the skills acquired on concrete use cases drawn from the real world. Thus, programs are generally tailored to the needs of industries and employers.

In addition, some programs provide a professional certification that is recognized on the job market.

Finally, according to a study conducted by Business Wire, passing a certification is followed by a salary increase of between 20% and 40%.

Why choose École Polytechnique Executive Education?

There are many professional training courses, offered by traditional universities or by specialized organizations. However, it is essential to choose a course whose program and teaching methods correspond to your expectations.

École Polytechnique Executive Education is recognized for its scientific excellence and its training programs with high operational impact.

The original pedagogical approach is in line with in the philosophy of the École polytechnique which, since its creation in 1794, has been producing and sharing multidisciplinary knowledge at the highest level for its students, for companies and for society.

The programs, compatible with a professional activity, allow students to obtain a recognized certificationand are built by the best experts in the field. They are very present throughout the course to exchange with the participants.

In summary, École Polytechnique Executive Education offers high-level professional training in Data Science that enables the activation of skills related to disruptive technologies thanks to active pedagogies, adapted to professional environments. Discover the entire training offer of the institution BY CLICKING HERE !

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