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LeBigData helps you choose the best Data Science training by awarding a quality label. For the year 2021, we have selected the DataScientest trainings. Discover the many strong points of this young French company that is making a name for itself.

Data Science jobs are a dream come true. In addition to being exciting, they allow you to reach a position of responsibility in companies of all sectors and all countries with a high salary at the end.

In this context, many people, students or professionals in retrainingare seeking to acquire the skills required to work in this field. To meet this high demand, many public institutions and private companies are launching specialized training courses.

However, these different formations are not equal. Each organization develops its own program, and the content varies greatly from one training course to another, as do the quality of the teaching and the teaching methods used.

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Recall that Data Science is a complex disciplinestill emerging. Even the definition of Data Science is not yet set in stone, which can lead to confusion in both business and education.

For this reason, some institutions claim to train for Big Data jobs, but actually only offer only rudimentary, superficial notions or too limited to theory. Such training can be a waste of time and money.

It is therefore very important to choose the right Data Science training, and this can be very tricky. In order to help future Data Scientists, Data Analysts, or Data Engineers to find their way and make the right choice, LeBigData sets up a quality label #LeBigData.

Thanks to this label, you can trust us to choose a quality training that will get you into your dream job. Our criteria include: program content, teaching staff, concepts covered, industry recognition and student employment rates.

DataScientest: professional data science training designed by experts

For the year 2021, the #TheBigData label is awarded to DataScientest’s formations. This organization is the one that offers to date the best Data Science courses in France.

Different curricula are offered to enter the various Big Data professions: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Manager, Machine Learning Engineer.

Originally designed exclusively for in-house corporate trainingDataScientest programs are now open to everyone. These courses are developed by industry professionals, and the instructors are all renowned experts.

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Thus, the training courses offered by DataScientest respond directly to the concrete and real needs of companies. At the end of the course, learners are able to practice their trade and start working directly.

Throughout these programs, you will learn to master the Python language and its various libraries, manipulate databases, create and handle Machine Learning models or develop data visualizations. The tools used during the courses are the most commonly used in companies: Matplotlib, Hadoop, NumPy, TensorFlow…

By the way, 93% of alumni get a job in data science within 6 months after the training. Thanks to a prestigious partnership, the diploma delivered by DataScientest is accompanied by a certificate of recognition from the University of Paris la Sorbonne.

BootCamp, Blended Learning… an innovative and efficient approach

Another advantage: this organization adopts an innovative “Blended Learning” approach. It is about combining distance and face-to-face learning, in order to combine the best of both worlds.

In concrete terms, 85% of the training is carried out via an online platform, on which learners can train at their own pace. However, they are permanently supervised by an expert Data Scientist, to whom they can ask their questions. These periods of autonomous training are punctuated by groups or Masterclasses, which are currently carried out by videoconference in strict compliance with the COVID-19 epidemic control recommendations. In this way, learners benefit from flexibility while remaining motivated.

The different routes can be done in Continuing Education from 6 to 9 monthsIn order to be able to continue to practice a professional or personal activity in parallel. As an alternative, it is possible to opt for the intensive BootCamp format in order to complete the curriculum in only 9 to 11 weeks.

Finally, the last strong point is that these courses are eligible for financing by the Personal Training Account. It is also possible to have them financed by Pôle Emploi, through the AIF device.

For all these reasons, LeBigData awards its label to DataScientest. If you are looking for the best Data Science courses in 2021, go to this address!

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