Data Scientist training – the complete guide: prerequisites, skills, opportunities

A Data Scientist course provides you with all the skills you need to become a data scientist. Find out everything you need to know in our complete guide: job opportunities, salaries, prerequisites, different types of training.

The Data Scientist job is at the heart of the challenges of the 21st century. This expert combines skills in computer science, programming and data analysis.

His expertise allows companies to to fully exploit the data that they have at their disposal. With the rise of the web, mobile internet, smartphones and social networks, organizations are indeed overwhelmed by Big Data.

By processing and analyzing this information, the data scientist generates insights that can be used to make better decisions, develop new services and products, or better understand market trends and consumer expectations.

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What is a Data Scientist?

The term Data Scientist was coined in 2008but has evolved a lot since then. Generally speaking, this expert uses different tools, algorithms and techniques to identify patterns and trends hidden in large volumes of data.

In order to make sense of structured and unstructured data, make predictions and enable proactive decision making from historical data, the Data Scientist uses predictive and prescriptive analysis techniques or Machine Learning.

The Problem of the Shortage of Data Scientists

Aware of the many benefits, companies across all sectors are looking to recruit Data Scientists. Job offers are proliferating, and salaries are generally attractive.

Unfortunately, the number of qualified professionals is not sufficient to meet this high demand. This profession requires important technical skills, and universities have been slow to create specialized courses. This is particularly the case in France.

Fortunately, public institutions are starting to catch up and many programs are emerging. In parallel, there are many online data science courses. However, many of them focus on a specific subject and do not cover the whole range of skills of a Data Scientist. It is therefore It’s essential to choose the right Data Scientist training.

What skills should you acquire via a Data Scientist course?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field, encompassing many tools and techniques. Therefore, a data scientist needs to master a wide variety of skills.

A Data Scientist’s training must allow him to know how to determine the type of analysis to use to solve a business problem in any field. It must also provide knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

Python is the most widely used computer language for data science. A good Data Scientist training should therefore allow learn to master this languageand to apply it to statistical techniques and data analysis.

Another aspect of being a Data Scientist is Data Visualization. To share the findings and results of data analysis, it is important to present them in the form of data visualizations such as diagrams or graphs. This is the purpose of DataViz, which must be mastered by data scientists.

To analyze data in a thorough and automated way, the Data Scientist uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning Two branches of artificial intelligence. All these skills are complementary, and must be acquired one by one to become an expert in Data Science.

I want to become a Data Scientist

Prerequisites and personal qualities

Training as a Data Scientist can be beneficial for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Data Scienceor simply to have a job with a future and an excellent salary.

However, there are certain personal qualities that are required for this occupation. A critical thinking is very usefulThe job of a data scientist is not just about using algorithms and doing calculations.

A data scientist is first and foremost a specialist capable of asking questions, and cooperate with a team to solve problems. It is therefore important to be able to identify problems, and to be able to communicate new ideas.

Why train as a Data Scientist? Salary, job opportunities, job market

In 2020, there were nearly 2.7 million data scientist jobs. This job is in demand in all sectors: energy, insurance, health, retail, banking…

The number of jobs to be filled is growing at a staggering rate of almost 28% per year. It is therefore a profession of the future, and training in this field offers many opportunities for the future.

Most of the most Large digital companies recruiting data scientists Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM… and more and more small and medium-sized companies are doing the same.

The average annual salary for a Data Scientist is $165,000 in the United States, and 46,309 euros in France. After three years of experience, the average salary rises to 56,000 euros. It is therefore a lucrative profession, which is not surprising given the high demand.

How to train as a Data Scientist? The different types of training

There are several options for training to be a Data Scientist. The Public universities and private schools now offer training in mathematics, statistics or computer science specializing in Data Science to meet the demand.

There are also many professional certifications, offered in particular by major software companies such as Microsoft, IBM or Amazon. In addition, there are specialized platforms like Kaggle or GitHub allow you to contribute to Data Science projects to train and measure your skills.

Whether you’re still a student, professional, or in the process of retraining, one of the best ways to gain Data Scientist skills is to opt for an BootCamp or continuing education. In France, DataScientest offers excellent training courses for Data Science jobs in BootCamp or Continuing Education mode.

These approaches allow you to learn very quickly, or on the contrary, to learn little by little so that you can continue to work in a parallel activity. Whatever learning method you choose, keep in mind that many aspiring Data Scientists are in competition. So it is essential to choose the best training.

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