Data Sciencetech Institute: a higher education institution specialising in data science and artificial intelligence

Data ScienceTech Institute is a French school of higher education offering training in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
Engineering or Data Analytics. Find out everything you need to know about this institution and its various degree programs…

With the explosion of Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts and other megadata professionals are increasingly sought after. In all industries, companies need these experts to tap into the mountains of information at their disposal by analyzing it.

Now, at the present time, demand far outstrips supply and companies are vying for the most qualified profiles. In this context, data professions are excellent career choices for the 2020s.

Whether you are still student or professional in retrainingIf you have a degree in one of these professions, training in one of these jobs can enable you to enter the job market very easily and ensure a comfortable salary.

Among specialised training organisations the most renowned in France, is Data ScienceTech Institute, an international graduate school of application and specialization, accredited RNCP level 7 (master’s level), the first pure-player in France in these professions, designed to meet the needs of industry and the labor market.

In the year 2020, DSTI has two campuses in France. The first, which is also the school’s headquarters, is located in the heart of the Sophia-Antipolis technology park’s teaching and research center, next to institutions such as Université Côte d’Azur and INRIA. The second campus is located in Paris, in the 5th arrondissement, not far from other prestigious universities and schools such as the Sorbonne and the École Normale Supérieure.

As part of its international development, a third relay campus opened its doors in 2020. on the island of Oniru – Victoria in Lagos, Nigeria. Students based in West Africa can follow the courses given on the two French campuses at a distance, and interact with the professors as if they were in France.

What are the 3 training programs of Data ScienceTech Institute?

Data ScienceTech Institute offers three level 7 courses (Bac+5), registered at the RNCP (Level 7) under the title “Data Science Expert”: Data Analytics, Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

For these three formations, all modules are taught in English. The programs are divided into six months of courses and six months of internship.

Applied MSc in Data Analytics: a data analyst training course

The Applied MSc in Data Analytics program trains the data analyst profession. Students learn to master the techniques and tools to analyze data and to share the results of these analyses through reports.

This training will teach you to develop an analytical mind, and to master the tools of Business Intelligence and data visualization. You will also acquire additional skills in database technologies and Machine Learning. The ethical and legal issues related to the processing of Big Data are also discussed.

Applied MSc in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence: a Data Engineer training course

This program will allow you to enter the profession of Data Engineer, which is highly sought-after in companies. You will be able to acquire the following skills in programming, systems and computer architecture, in particular Cloud Computing and a foundation for Applied Mathematics for Data Science in Mathematics and Computer Science.

During this training, students learn how to design and implement IS and Big Data architectures. They also learn how to master programming languages most used for Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

You can also acquire the skills needed to architect and deploy data and computing clusters through the following platforms like Hadoop and Spark, on a real production-level cluster, piloted by Adaltas, a partner of the school.. Finally, you will be familiar with the concept of DevOps and continuous integration architecture.

Applied MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is booming, as is data science. Through this third programme, the ITSD offers a comprehensive education on scientific and technical aspects of AI.

This is a specialized program in applied mathematics, taught in
notably by numerous teachers from the French School of Mathematics trained in the best French centres of applied mathematics (Normale, Paris-Orsay, INRIA). Students learn to apply maths in the field of AI and Data Science.

They will also discover, in depth, artificial intelligence algorithms and the IT and Big Data architectures. This professional training course will also teach you how to combine science and technology for Data Science in companies. Again, ethical and legal considerations related to Big Data and AI are also addressed.

What are the strengths of the ITSD?

Through particularly intensive programs, ITSD trains professionals of data with expertise in computer science, hard sciences and business applications capable of taking into account the ethical considerations and legal issues inextricably linked to data sciences.

This establishment delivers diploma courses, recognised by the French State and the European Union and registered in the NCPN. The various programs also allow the preparation of industry certifications such as Cloudera, SAS, AWS or Microsoft.

Training courses maintained by a Scientific and Pedagogical Council

Another strong point: the different programs are piloted by a Scientific and Pedagogical Council. This board is composed of influential personalities in the business world and in the academic field.

The objective is to closely monitor industry developmentsby updating the training courses offered each year. Graduate students will be able to maintain their skills throughout their career, either face-to-face or through e-learning.

Thus, ITSD does not simply assess the quality of its teaching on the employment rate after graduation. The school also monitors long-term employer satisfaction.

The teaching staff of the institute itself is composed of of teacher-researchers and experts from the professional world. Again, these teachers are carefully selected by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council evaluated by the students and the School’s Studies Department at the end of each module.

An ecosystem of industrial partners

Companies in all sectors are looking for data analysts and data scientists. However, only the most competent and talented profiles are wanted.

This is why ITSD trains experts who are precisely matched to the needs of the market and employers. In order to achieve this, the institution partnerships with industrialists who can join the Scientific and Pedagogical Council.

Among these prestigious partners, there are KDNuggets, AWS, SAS. These partners can also provide teachers or projects and finance Teaching Chairs or students through the vocational training mechanisms.

The terms of admission to DSTI: price, conditions and study methods proposed

If you wish to enroll in the Data ScienceTech Institute, you must apply for one of the two start dates taking place in the spring or fall on the official ITSD website.

The application file includes a CV and a cover letterand any letters of recommendation. The best applications will be selected by the jury for the admission phase.

This takes place in the form of a videoconference intake interview or physical presence. First of all, a technical interview aims to test your technical skills and your level of English. In a second step, a social interview aims to check whether your ambitions match the institute. The interview fee is 110€.

The tuition fee are €11,600 per year for the Applied MSc in Data Analytics program (€10,440 – Online France), and €14,500 (€13,050 – Online France) per year for the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI and Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programs.

The three modes of study and vocational training

Three different modes of study are proposed. The on-campus mode offers you to follow the courses directly on one of the DSTI’s campuses, in Sophia-Antipolis or Paris. It is however possible to opt for the “off-campus” mode online, thanks to HD telepresence technology.

I mean, come on, Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) mode allows you to take the online courses at your own pace. Registration is open throughout the year, and this mode allows you to combine your studies with your work if you are already a professional.

If you are already working, you should know that it is possible to benefit from ITSD programs in the form of professional training. The FNE-Training system allows your company to have your training financed by a simple request to the Direccte. Training courses are also eligible for the CPF.

You know all about Data ScienceTech Institute and its various Data Science training programs. For more information and to apply, visit the official website of the School at this address!

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