Data Cleansing: top of the best tools to clean up your data

Data Cleansing is an important step in data analysis. It consists of cleaning the data in order to prepare it for analysis. Discover the best data cleansing tools, software and solutions.

Companies in all industries can now use analytical technologies to transform the data at their disposal into information on which to base strategic decisions. However, any erroneous or corrupted data can have disastrous consequences.

For this reason, it is recommended to first carry out data cleansing, also known as Data Cleansing.. This practice removes all potentially incorrect, incomplete, incorrectly formatted or duplicate data from the database.

Of course, it is unthinkable to manually clean a database sometimes containing several million data. Fortunately, there are many data cleansing tools available to automate data cleansing using rules and algorithms. Discover our selection of the top 10 data cleansing tools.

Winpure, the most popular Data Cleansing tool

Winpure is one of the most popular Data Cleaning software programs. In particular, it is used to clean large datasets, remove duplicates, correct errors and standardize data easily.

This tool is able to cleanse data within databases, spreadsheets, CRM and much more. It is compatible with Access, Dbase, SQL Server databases and Txt files. Its main features include Data Cleansing, Data Matching, and Data Scrubbing. It is a affordable tool available in many languages.

Data Ladder (DataMatch), the fastest and most accurate Data Cleansing tool

Data Ladder offers two different products. DataMatch is an affordable Data Cleansing tool, while DataMatch Enterprise offers advanced Machine Learning algorithms to support up to 100 million database records.

This tool offers one of the highest data matching accuracy rates of the entire industry, and it’s also one of the fastest. Easy to use, it is designed for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

TIBCO Clarity, a Data Cleansing SaaS solution

TIBCO Clarity differs from other data cleansing tools in the form in which it is offered. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud software. Its functionalities are accessible on demand via the web.

Users can validate data during the deduplication and cleanup process to quickly identify trends and make better decisions. Raw data collected from multiple sources can be standardized to be ready for analysis..

Trifacta Wrangler, a Data Cleansing and Analysis Software

Created by the developers of Data Wrangler, Trifacta Wrangler is an interactive tool for data cleansing and transformation. This software is distinguished by the speed at which it formats data..

By the way, Trifacta focuses on data analysis. It saves analysts time by cleaning and preparing data faster and more accurately. Using machine learning algorithms, the tool is able to suggest transformations and aggregations to assist in data preparation. Note that this is a free tool.

OpenRefine, the open source data cleansing software

In the past, OpenRefine was called Google Refine. This powerful tool allows sorting, cleaning and transforming data. Its main advantages are its free and open source character.

In addition, this solution is distinguished by its ability to change the format of data. This enables users to explore large datasets, cleanse and transform them quickly and easily.

Drake, a Data Cleansing Tool for Data Workflow Management

Drake is a text-based data cleansing tool. Simple to use and extensible, this solution processes data step by step. Everything is automated, and the tool is able to calculate the commands to be executed and the order in which they should be executed.

This is a solution designed specifically for Data Workflow management and the organization of command executions around the data and their dependencies.

IBM Infosphere Quality Stage, the best tool for data quality

ibm infosphere data quality

When it comes to ensure full data qualityThe IBM Infosphere Quality Stage is one of the most renowned data cleansing tools. It allows you to clean and manage databases with ease.

The users benefit from an overview of the most important units such as data on customers, vendors, products and geographic locations. It ensures data quality for Big Data, Data Warehousing, Master Data Mangement or Business Intelligence.

Reifier, a Data Cleansing tool based on Apache Spark

Developed by Nube Technologies, Reifier stands out positively from other data cleansing software due to its accuracy, as well as its speed of deployment and execution. This solution uses Apache Spark for deduplication and record meshing.

By the way, the tool is also based on Machine Learning algorithms. These are used to provide Data Matching and Entity Resolution features.

Quadient Data Cleaner, a powerful data profiling engine

Quadient Data Cleaner is a data profiling engine to analyze data quality. This tool is able to find missing values, patterns, character sets and other characteristics within a dataset to improve their quality.

The tool is also capable of detecting duplicates and deleting them. In addition, Data Cleaner allows users to define their own cleaning rules and conditions.

Cloudingo, Salesforce’s versatile data cleansing tool

Offered by Salesforce, this data cleansing tool allows you to remove duplicates, clean up records and maintain data quality at the same time. It for companies of all sizes.

Its automation features allow to scan the data regularly to detect possible errors. Its main strengths include simplicity, automatic deletion of unnecessary or obsolete data, and the ability to update records on a group basis.

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