Data Architect: Discover OpenClassrooms’ state-recognized distance learning

The job of Data Architect or Data Engineer is more and more in demand in companies. To acquire the necessary skills, discover the distance learning offered by OpenClassrooms.

Smartphones. The Internet of Things. Social networks. The Cloud. 5G. most of the technologies that have emerged in recent years generate massive volumes of data.

This avalanche of information has brought us into the age of Big Data.. These data are valuable resources for businesses and governments.

They can be analysed in order to identify very useful clues for decision-making. Companies can use them to generate new products responding to the needs of consumers, institutions can benefit from an overview of society.

The possibilities offered by Big Data are endless, but the exploitation of data involves many challenges to be met. First of all, traditional storage infrastructures are no longer adapted to the vast volumes of complex and unstructured data of this new era.

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It is also necessary that the data be sorted and organized so that it can be easily accessed. Finally, the data must be sorted and organized so that it can be easily accessed, massive parallel computing infrastructures must be in place to allow for the processing and analysis of information.

Designing these infrastructures is the role of the Data Architect, which has become essential in the face of the new challenges of Big Data. This highly qualified professional is at the same time an IT infrastructure designer, a computing cluster administrator, and an analyst capable of interpreting the most complex algorithms and adapting them to a distributed architecture.

The Qualified Data Architects are rareand are therefore particularly sought after in companies in all sectors. It is a job with a future, offering many prospects and access to an attractive salary.

To practice this profession, however, it is the need to obtain the required skills. The Data Architect combines expertise from different fields, but there are now specialized training courses available.

Data Architect: a state-recognised distance learning course

The OpenClassrooms organization offers Data Architect distance learning, in partnership with CentralSupélec. This course allows you to obtain a level 7 diploma (Bac+5)but above all to acquire indispensable knowledge and know-how.

You will learn how to design, deploy and administer distributed computing and Big Data storage platforms. In other words, all the steps involved in setting up a data processing architecture.

In detail, at the end of this course, you will know in particular perform distributed calculations with MapReduceand administer a platform for distributed computing on the Cloud.

You will also know model, process and transform data complex and design a data storage solution with NoSQL. Data visualization techniques will also be taught.

This is a highly practice-oriented curriculum. Thus, you will have to finalize 6 projects during the course. These projects can then be used as your portfolio. You will also benefit from weekly mentoring sessions with a professional.

Accessible training after a degree in computer science or science

To integrate this training, you must meet several pre-requisites. The course is open to holders of a Bac+3 degree in computer science, or Bac+5 in science. In terms of technical prerequisites, you must master concepts such as algorithmics and data structure, programming, databases and computer engineering.

This is a distance learning course. You must therefore also have access to a computer with microphone, webcam and an internet connection stable.

In addition, as part of the course projects, you will need to use the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Some of the projects can be done with Amazon’s free offer, but you will need to pay for the subscription to be able to do all of them. You will need to allow for a fee of approximately 100 euros.

Aid for financing and guaranteed employment

It is possible to do this OpenClassrooms training course on a work-study or vocational training contract. The training will then be 100% financed by the employer. By opting for this approach, you will also be able to put into practice the skills you have acquired and insert yourself directly into the professional environment.

You can also publicly funded with different structures and devices. If you decide to finance your training on your own, you will have to opt for a monthly subscription priced at 500 euros.

As an establishment declared to the rectorate of the Académie de Paris, OpenClassrooms is able to deliver a diploma certifying Data Architect recognized by the state. To obtain it, you will need to have your skills validated by the jury and by the NNCP.

After this training, with a diploma in your pocket, you can start a career as a Data Architect or Data Engineer. At less than six monthsYou can easily find a permanent position in a large company or a startup.

Moreover, if you are unable to find a job, OpenClassrooms offers to reimburse you for the training. You will be entitled to a salary ranging from €40,000 to €50,000 per year for a beginner, and from 50 000€ to 80 000€ per year for an experienced profile.

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