Dark Web: what is it and what is the link with Big Data?

The Dark Web is the hidden part of the web, on which a vast traffic of illegal goods and services is organized. Find out everything you need to know about it, as well as the link between the Dark Web and Big Data…

The most Internet users don’t know it, but the web is divided into two parts. Most people are content to browse the “web surface”, i.e. the web pages referenced by search engines. However, this part of the web actually represents only 3 to 4% of the information available on the internet. It is therefore only the tip of the iceberg.

The second part is called “Deep Web” or “Dark Web”. and contains content that is not indexed on the engines. This is where, for example, databases, medical records and other government resources are stored.

However, the term “Dark Web” is often used for highlighting the illegal activity taking place under the surface of the internet. According to a study conducted by researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid of King’s College London, out of 2723 Dark Web sites reviewed, 57% contained illegal content.

Drug trafficking, sale of weapons or fake papers, stolen or fugitive data, hacking services… anything illegal can be bought on the Dark Web.malefactors use the anonymous “Tor” browser and use URLs obtained through word-of-mouth.

Dark Web and data sales

dark web sale data

It is possible to buy all kinds of illegal goods on the Deep Web. Weapons, drugs, fake papers or even animals. However.., it is also on these platforms that a vast traffic of personal data is organized.

For just a few dollars, you can get the login credentials for a Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Uber or other service. Likewise, you can easily find a Bank of America account containing $50,000 for just $500. When a data leak occurs, it is very common for lost or stolen information to end up on the Dark Web .

The Dark Web is a real gold mine for Big Data analysis.

dark web analysis data

Many companies are already using the analysis of data from the “dark web” in order to discover information about their customers that traditional data cannot reveal. Non-indexed content available on the Dark Web can also be analyzed to discover more insights.

Just like on the “web surface”, 90% of the data generated on the Dark Web has been created over the last few years.. It is therefore a veritable data well, which can be exploited to discover trends and leads to follow.

For large multinational companies, in particular, the analysis of these data can be valuable since they may contain information related to non-English-speaking markets. In addition, intelligence agencies can analyse this data to monitor and detect security threats in real time.

That is why several intelligence agencies are closely monitoring social networksThe reason is that these platforms are used by criminals as a bridge between the Dark Web and the Web Surface. By closely monitoring criminals and their activity, it is possible to anticipate attacks or cyber attacks before they cause irreparable damage.

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