Cyberthreats: 94% of French companies have suffered attacks

On February 11th, Carbon Black, a leader in cyber security, published for the first time a report dedicated to the cyber threats that weigh on the French ecosystem. No less than 94% of the companies surveyed have suffered security breaches in the last 12 months. An average of 6 breaches per month and per company.

Carbon Black, the publisher of tools dedicated to detecting malicious behavior from endpoints, commissioned a study from Opinion Matters. 100 CIOs, technical directors and security directors residing in France answered Carbon Black’s questions about cyber threats in their companies.

They come from the finance, health, public administration, distribution, manufacturing, agri-food, oil and gas, professional services and media and entertainment sectors. Chis report is part of a much larger study that took place in Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia and France.

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Cyber Threats: 91% of leaders see an increase in attacks

In France, 94% of the companies surveyed “…report having been a victim of a data breach in the last 12 months”. This brings the number of hackings per organisation to an average of 5.81 per year in all sectors. Nearly 59% of them suffered at least 5 violations. Manufacturing and engineering companies are probably the most affected. Sixty-seven per cent of them report having experienced at least seven cyber threats in the past year.

Unsurprisingly, 91% of the managers surveyed noted an increase in cyber attacks over the period observed.. In addition, 35% of them estimate that their numbers will more than double by the year 2018. Ninety-four per cent of those surveyed said that the cyber attacks against them were becoming increasingly sophisticated. More than half of these (52%) saw increasingly sophisticated approaches.

Businesses with more than 5,000 employees are most at risk from cyber threats. Almost all (98%) of the companies in this category are experiencing an increase in attacks, compared to 62.5% of SMEs with fewer than 250 employees.

Ransomware and phishing, the two preferred techniques of hackers

Carbon Black also studies the types of attacks. More than 19% of them came from ransomware malware. Phishing accounts for 17% of cyber threats to businesses. Encrytojacking ranks third with 9% of attacks, followed by those targeting the PowerShell (7%).

In the face of these cyber-threats, 89% of the French companies surveyed plan to increase their budget in this area. These financial contributions will make it possible to update the security measures already taken.

But what interests Carbon Black is the level of threat-hunting adoption in France. Nearly 73% of the companies surveyed actively use this technique to prevent breaches. Only just under half (35%) of them started in the last 12 months. Also, the threat hunt has a good image: 95% of them believe that this practice strengthens their cyber-defences.

This relatively new practice is necessary because traditionally deployed technologies do not prevent attacks and cannot detect these new and sophisticated forms of attacks.“says Rick McElroy, Head of Security Strategy at Carbon Black.

Carbon Black enters the French market

Carbon Black specializes in this area by offering tools that facilitate the search for breaches and vulnerabilities. The company has developed a “consolidated” cloud platform to protect endpoints.. “What our customers want is a solution capable of responding to their entire security problem.“says Rick McElroy, head of security strategy at Carbon Black. « They need a solution that provides protection, response and threat hunting from a single platform.”.

The aim is to simplify cyber threat detection operations, provide analytical tools to identify attack patterns and weak areas, but this remains a “proactive” activity. If those in charge are well aware of the flaws, the response attitude is not appropriate”.since they are not necessarily educated on new cybersecurity practices.“, says Rick McElroy.

The company, which has no less than 1,000 employees, opened an office in France a few months ago. According to Jean-David Faurie Sales Manager France at Carbon Black, two major CAC 40 companies are already using his company’s tools. Worldwide, the company has more than 4,600 customers. The report is therefore a means of sounding out the French market, which according to the security manager is facing the greatest increase in cyber threats compared to the other countries surveyed.

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