Cloud: three-quarters of companies are going backwards according to Nutanix

Nearly three-quarters of companies that have moved their applications to the Cloud are backtracking, according to Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index 2019 annual report. Now, the Hybrid Cloud is seen as the best compromise by a majority of IT managers…

The corporate cloud giant, Nutanix, has just published its Enterprise Cloud Index report. This study, conducted among 2650 managers from 24 countries, aims to measure the progress of companies in adopting the public, private or hybrid Cloud.

This second edition of the annual report reveals that the majority of companies are now turning to hybrid architectures. Thus, 85% of companies surveyed say the Hybrid Cloud is their ideal model.

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And for good reason: over time, companies become aware of the fact that the various issues and challenges related to the choice of a Cloud strategy. For example, while the Public Cloud is ideal for applications whose usage is unpredictable due to its elasticity, this is not the case for workloads with predictable characteristics.

These can be run on site at a lower cost than the Public Cloud. In addition, savings can also be achieved by choosing the Cloud service and the most appropriate third party tariff for each application. While knowing that the prices of these different services are constantly changing…

In this ever-changing landscape, flexibility is therefore seen as essential. However, only the Hybrid Cloud can truly meet this constraint.

That’s why 73% of those surveyed confessed to having chosen to back out of the survey. by moving their applications from the Public Cloud to the on-premise infrastructure. Similarly, 22% said they had moved five or more applications to the on-premise infrastructure.

This strategy allows companies to meet their flexibility needs. Nearly nine out of ten participants, 95%, feel that it is capital to be able to move applications between different Cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud is seen as the best compromise by companies

When asked about the main factors impacting their Cloud strategiesIn the survey, 60% of the companies answered that the main criterion of choice is safety. Similarly, data security is the main variable in determining where to run a workload according to 26% of participants.

In this context, 28% of the officials surveyed believe that the Hybrid Cloud is the most secure cloud model. Only 21% prefer the private/on-site cloud, and 13% opt for traditional data centers not connected to the cloud.

It should also be noted that 23.5% of respondents do not currently use any Cloud technology.. However, based on the future projects presented by these managers, the number of enterprises without Cloud deployment should fall to 6.5% within a year and only 3% within two years.

For 72% of companies, Cloud implementation is driven by digital transformation. Similarly, digital transformation is cited as a priority by 64% of them.

In conclusion of this study, Nutanix’s IOC, Wendy M. Pfeiffer, believes that flexibility and security are essential components to enable the adoption of the Cloud in a reliable and fluid manner. It considers that companies have a better understanding of the benefits of the Hybrid Cloudbut that they are not yet reaping the full benefits.

In the years to come, companies could therefore rethink the way they use the Hybrid Cloud. For example, they could recruit professionals in the field or train their IT teams to master these new emerging technologies .

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