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Cisco is a computer company focused in particular on the design and marketing of equipment for mobility and data security. In this article, you will find out how the company is deploying to facilitate internet-enabled communication.

It’s been almost 40 years since Cisco came into existence. Despite the turbulence that has marked its existence, Cisco remains the leader in wireless communication. A giant in routing and switching, the company also handles network traffic security.

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Cisco: Company Overview

This Silicon Valley giant has become the reference in wireless communication. Before explaining how it works, let’s have a quick look at its origins while reminding some essential terms.

How was Cisco born?

In the beginning, Sandra Lerner and Leonard Bosack’s goal was to facilitate communication and exchange between the two Campus buildings in Stanford University, San Francisco. They quickly realized the need for a technology that could handle different protocols local. Hence the birth of Cisco SystemsThis is the operating system on which the internet relies heavily.

Although the system was conceived in the 1980s, it was not until the eve of the year 2000, with the democratization of the internet, that it experienced its rise. In addition to routing and switching, the advanced technologies remain the focus of the company’s activities.

Cisco today, a broad communications platform

The network originates in the infrastructure before it reaches the platform. In recent years, Cisco has become a vast communication platformwhich provides both the management and the data security.

If communication is getting easier day by day, it is because of this technology. Cisco has paved the way for interoperability of communication systems. Behind a phone call made via the Internet, for example, there is a whole system.

Currently, Cisco remains the world leader in wireless communications.

Cisco IOS, what is it?

CISCO IOS is the network deployed by Cisco Systems. It is a operating system Proprietary operating system found in devices using Cisco routers and switches, but not only.

This system has other additional services designed to ensure the performance but also the security of traffic. It can be used by the administrator for this purpose. These services include encryption, authentication, quality of service, etc.

The role of the router is to provide communication and data exchange between the nodes in the network. If the router integrates Cisco’s ISR services, the IOS system is able to handle calls as well as unified communications services.

How does the Cisco system operate?

The operation of the Cisco system depends on the architecture, the Cisco UCS-based architecture and the ACI-based architecture, which has some notable advantages.

UCS-based architecture

Cisco UCS is a system designed for enterprise analysis applications. It features a wide range of designs. The designs derived from this architecture are, in general, validated by Cisco.

Cisco UCS is a collaboration between Cisco Systems and its independent collaborators (ISVs) who provide the software. The ISVs are industry leaders in their respective fields, such as AI, Big Data and object storage.

Such a system facilitates the deployment of the infrastructure. The software Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco Intersight contribute to the automation of the mechanism. This leads to a reduction in system configuration and downtime.

ACI-based architecture

ACI, on the other hand, allows to manage easily, in a single pane, of hundreds of switches. Cisco ACI therefore allows the volume of traffic within the Cisco Data Intelligence platform to be increased without causing No disruption of the network.

The architecture works by treating the network as an indivisible whole rather than a set of switches. For this reason, data processing does not give rise to any bugs within the network.

How does the Cisco Data Intelligence platform work?

Within the platform Cisco Data IntelligenceBig Data, compute farms, and tiered storage form a single entity. However, each element can be taken independently of the others.

This architecture integrates and manages data with extreme speed. It also handles the AI computer farm; thus giving rise to various types of AI structure and thus additional analytical processing.

Furthermore, this one defines a storage level that allows for a gradual withdrawal of already processed data to a more compact storage system. This reduces the total cost of ownership. Removal is done at a cost per terabyte of data removed.

When the Cisco Data Intelligence platform is developed on Hadoop, there are a series of nodes that receive the split files in order to process them.

A Kubernetes cluster has a shared containerized environment. This environment houses the AI server farm handles compute-intensive workloads within the Cisco Data Intelligence platform.

Quid pro quo for the AI data farm

The Internet today offers a multitude of actions that can be performed by artificial intelligence. Almost every field benefits from Cisco Systems: health, security, etc.

In this way, the millions of simulations, combined with the thousands of containers call for much more powerful calculations in order to achieve high accuracy. This involves, in addition to the computing powers, the GPU and processors in order to feed AI/ML algorithms.

In addition, containerization has enabled more elastic management of computing resources for companies that want to do so.

Thus, every company that wants to, can develop applications within the microservices architectures with the ability to run multiple versions.

The IT farm can marry Hadoop. In this case, the AI server farm can be deployed either as Cloudera Data Science Workbench or as Hadoop compute nodes.

On the other hand, when the farm is developed with Kubernetes, the latter becomes a standard platform. It involves CPU and GPU resources as well as sufficient memory and thus external storage.

What Cisco brings to you

This system, based on artificial intelligence, provides access to several functions such as speed of obtaining information through GPU accelerated systems.

This speed increases the productive capacity of each company and the saving of any other additional costs. This is achieved with the Cisco UCS C480 ML server.

In Cisco Systems is also a solution to power AI workloads. Furthermore, this system enables the power of data to be deployed via Big Data and AI/ML analytics solutions. In this way, the workloads.

Cisco System Benefits

The adoption of the system has allowed many companies to get rid of the traditional telephone network. All communications are done through a single system by means of theartificial intelligence.

This is a big advantage in terms of productivity. Not only does it reduce the cost of services, but the Cisco system gains access to a significant amount of time because information flows are optimized.

In addition to the intelligent network, Cisco provides more security for business applications. Directories and email easily integrate these applications for ease of use.

According to Cisco, the system is therefore ideal for ensuring government cybersecurity as well as businesses.

The network can also be a mobility factor by transferring settings and calls to all devices that adhere to the same network.

Some Cisco products and services

Cisco Systems has a wide range of products and services for companies that want to ensure the mobility and the security of their data.

Cisco IOS, this proprietary operating system facilitates data exchange.

The wireless wifi network continues to register new users. IPTV and videoconferencing are very successful on the market. A success in an exponential way, especially after the crisis of covid-19 which favoured teleworking.

Cisco also develops networked storage solutions (SAN) as well as communications software based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

But communication and data storage are not the only targets of Cisco, the firm also gives security solutions like Cisco VPN3000, among others.

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