China dominates the Big Data with 60% of the world’s experts

China largely dominates the Big Data industry with nearly 60% of the world’s experts. Despite this, the country still faces a lack of qualified professionals. This is according to a study published by the Chinese website

Worldwide, the Big Data market is estimated to be worth $42 billion. At the present time, this booming industry is largely dominated by China. according to a study published by the Chinese website

The report reveals that China alone is bringing together 59.5% of the world’s Big Data experts. In second place, far behind, we find the United States with 22.4% of the experts.

Big Data is now used in all industries in China today: retail, government, health, education, transportation… so, according to Beijing specialist Liu Dingding, while the United States has played a key role in Big Data research and development, China dominates in terms of the application of this technology..

China cannot escape the shortage of Data Scientists and other experts

However, although China has the largest number of Big Data experts, it is not immune to the shortage of Data Scientists and other professionals. Indeed, Big Data employees represent only 0.23%. of the Chinese labour force. The other countries are also concerned with 0.41% for the United States, 0.43% for South Korea, 0.84% for Finland and 1.12% for Israel.

Faced with an increase in needs, China will therefore also have to find a way to remedy this problem.. According to Liu Dingding, education and vocational training will therefore be indispensable. Even though several universities already offer Big Data courses, it will also be necessary to establish partnerships with companies to facilitate professional integration.

In addition, at a time when the government has almost 70% of the databases, sharing and opening of data will be necessary to enable their exploitation. For example, Chengdu province, the capital of Sichuan province, has set up a Big Data department to promote the development of the industry. A platform thus allows access to 604 open databases.

Such initiatives are likely to become more widespread throughout the country.and should enable China to establish its dominance in the Big Data industry. By extension, China is likely to dominate other data related technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .

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