Big Data: everything you need to know about new resellers.

Startups developing technologies for collecting, analyzing and managing “Big Data” make up many of the companies on this year’s CRN Emerging Vendor list. This is not surprising when you consider that the “Big Data” segment of the industry is a very large one. Big Data “is one of the most active in the computer industry today. Here is a selection of 10 emerging vendors on this year’s CRN list who have splashed the canal with their revolutionary technologies.

Arcadia Data
Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data (San Mateo California, CEO: Sushil Thomas).

An increasing number of activities are using systems ” Hadoop “ to collect a huge volume of disparate data from multiple sources. But using this data is not very easy, as most traditional analytical tools cannot directly access the “Hadoop” data; and IT departments must step in to prepare the data or move it to another system to make it available to its users. So Arcadia Data has developed visual analytics software that overcomes this problem by providing direct access to data stored in Hadoop groups. This new software uses Hadoop as an operating system, allowing it to run directly on Hadoop servers and access data stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System. This software from Arcadia Data is called “Hadoop Distributed File System”. Arcadia Instant “, which can be downloaded for free. The complete platform will be available at the end of the year.

hadoop and big data
hadoop and big data

BlueData Software (MountainView, California, CEO: Kumar Sreekanti)

BlueData Software was taken out of stealth mode in September 2014. Sound software” BlueData EPIC » is a “virtualization” technology that makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective to leverage mass data to enable Hadoop to be a service in a local deployment model. The company founded by VMware veterans says the technology enables businesses of all sizes to quickly implement “Big Data” systems with cost savings of up to 50-75% over traditional approaches.

DataHero (San Francisco, CEO: Ed Miller)

DataHero is focused on the development of a self-service business analytics software ” The ” DataHero Cloud-based Service » which gathers data from disparate sources such as Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Excel, Office 365, Marketo, HubSpot and Eventbrite and transforms it into charts and dashboards. The challenge for the business analytics software industry is to develop analytical applications that can be used by a wide range of users without the need for IT support. DataHero is one of the few companies close to this achievement.


DataTorrent (Santa Clara, California, CEO: Phu Hoang)

DataTorrent has developed the ” DataTorrent RTS » : a unified enterprise category batch system based on “”. Hadoop 2.0 “This is a tool that companies use to process, monitor, analyse and act on Big Data in real time. Last June, the company made ” DataTorrent RTS ” the main engine available as open source licensed software Apache 2.0.

Domo (American Fork Utah, CEO: Josh James)

Domo was in stealth mode from its founding in 2010 until the beginning of this year. In April, Domo caught people’s attention when it announced that it had raised $200 million in Series D funds; bringing the company’s total funds to $450 million and increasing its value to approximately $2 billion. This news almost eclipsed the company’s launch of the: ” Cloud-Based Executive Management System “This provides business leaders with access to information that is scattered across many sources through a single dashboard.

Looker (Santa Cruz, California; .CEO : Frank Well)

Looker provides software as a business analytics service platform. In this way, the company can give its employees, who need it most, actionable information. The « Cloud-Based Tool » can connect to a wide range of data sources including : Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, HP Vertica, Cloudera Imapala, Apache Spark, SQL databases, and others. In May, the Santa Cruz Calif-Based Company began offering the Powered by Looker “, a service that allowed businessmen and cloud software developers to push the ” Looker analytical functionality “in any application, website or portal. The idea being that business people and their partners can quickly deploy data analysis tools to their customers.

Snowflake Computing (San Mateo, California; CEO: Bob Muglia)

Snowflake Computing was officially launched last October. Making its debut in cloud-based data warehousing services “(Cloud database storage service); this startup is positioned as a flexible alternative, easier to manage than traditional ones. on-premise data warehouse systems ». It also competes with offers from other Cloud providers such as: Amazon Web Service’s Redshift and Google’s Big Query. The company, founded in 2012, has gained much renown because its CEO is a former Microsoft and Juniper Networks executive. The ” Datawarehouse-as-a-Service “was available in June.

machine splice
machine splice

Splice Machine (San Francisco ;CEO: Monte Zweben)

Splice Machine has developed a fully transactional SQL database about Hadoop that can drive real-time operational and analytical applications using Hadoop Data. After months of development and beta testing, the company began shipping the release 1.0 of its software in November 2014. Since then, Splice Machine has expanded its list of strategic alliances, including the connection with the ” MicroStrategy’s analytics “The company supports Talend’s data integration software and works with the management of RedPoint Global’s data management and cross-channel marketing systems.

Tamr (Cambridge, Mass. ; CEO: Andy Palmer)

It is a company whose aim is to combat the “evils of the proliferation of patterns”. » Tamr develops software for unifying company data, whose job is to integrate various “siloed data” for “business analytics tasks and downstream applications”. Tamr is the latest creation of database genius: Michael Stonebraker who started the company in 2013 with database industry veteran Andy Palmer. Both started with the systems ” Vertica “, now owned by Hewlett-Packard.

VoltDB (Bedford, Mass. ; CEO: Bruce Reading)

VoltDB is developed with the relational scale of the database in mind, combining high-speed data ingest with real-time analysis of decision-making tools to help companies develop a new generation of Big Data applications. In March, VoltDB launched the « VoltDB Certified Partner Program » to recruit partners who install and support the startup’s database software. In July, VoltDB secured $9.8 million in additional funding.

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