Big Data Analysis: Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2019

Analytics Insight Magazine unveils the most innovative Big Data analysis solution providers of 2019. Find out which companies have been selected.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, social networks, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, companies have a lot of data at their disposal. This data can be analyzed to provide valuable information that can be used to make data-driven decisions.

In its May 2019 issue, Analytics Insight Magazine unveils Top 10 Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Vendors of 2019. Find out what these companies are.

Cryptek Labs, the data-driven marketing agency

Cryptek Labs is a data-driven marketing agency. Thanks to predictive analytics, its solution is able to analyze in real time the behavior and sentiment of consumers in order to enable the company to acquire new customers.

Its offer includes a voice sentiment analysis solution Affective Computing, a predictive behavioural targeting service, and a real-time traffic management system.

ROIVENUE, data-driven marketing strategy management

Thanks to ROIVENUE, companies can Manage their marketing strategy and investments based on data.

By using data-driven CLV assignment modelsWith the new “Marketing and Sales” tool, marketers can identify the lowest-performing campaigns, stop investing in overloaded channels, and make decisions to maximize their return on investment.

Cangler Analytics, the company that simplifies Big Data analysis

The Cangler Analytics Company automates and democratizes Big Data analysis to make it simple and accessible to all. Its end-to-end platform allows to simplify, automate and manage data analysis thanks to code generated by artificial intelligence, self-healing technology and an integrated app store.

These different functionalities allow speed up data analysis and significantly reduce the necessary costs the creation or management of analytical products or technologies.

Xiatech Consulting, the Big Data consultant

Xiatech Consulting offers technology consulting servicesThe company can also provide assistance in software selection, or in the development of a specific technological project. Its team of experts has experience in all areas of technology and can therefore assist customers in all cases.

The firm offers both a Single Data View platformThe company also offers a wide range of services, including an Omni Channel e-commerce and m-commerce, transformation programs, software engineering and development services, and consulting and advisory services.

McObject, next generation databases

McObject proposes a software database solution designed to meet the specific needs of real-time and device-based applications. Its main product is the eXtremeDB integrated database, developed as an in-memory database system (IMDS) with a particularly small footprint, high availability, hybrid storage and much more.

In parallel, McObject is also developing Perst: an open source object-oriented integrated database for Java and .NET. It offers developers the ability to sort, store and retrieve objects in their applications at maximum speed.

OccasionGenius, the event discovery specialist

The company OccasionGenius is specialized in the following fields event discovery technology. It provides its services to large companies in the hotel, real estate and university sectors to help them improve their customers’ experience.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, OccasionGenius is able to identify events, classify them, and make recommendations according to the “genome of interest” of each user. With each click, the solution becomes smarter and refines its selection of events.

Oxagile, the application developer that relies on AI and Big Data

Oxagile provides its mobile application and website development services. It focuses in particular on multi-platform video streaming and PSTN solutions. To do so, it uses cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data and Machine Learning.

In addition, this company also offers Big Data consulting servicesFor more than 10 years, the firm has delivered more than 400 projects to companies in various industries such as entertainment, eCommerce, education, advertising, finance and healthcare. Among its prestigious clients are Google, Disney, Discovery Communications, MIT, Telecom Argentina, Vodafone and many others.

Pi Square, Artificial Intelligence for Data Analysis

The Pi Square company uses Artificial intelligence to propose innovative IOT analysis solutionsThe company offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of data management, managed services, real-time insights, data science and predictive analytics.

Record Evolution, the creator of Data Pods

The German company Record Evolution offers consulting services in Data Science and computer architecture. Its clients can benefit from its expertise in order to bring their projects to a successful conclusion more easily.

She also created the Data Warehouse REPODS serviceThe Data Pods are used to manage and analyze historical data within Data Pods. Data can be imported via various interfaces, and IoT devices can also stream data directly to a Data Pod for cross analysis with data from other Data Warehouses.

The Data Pods are compact Data Warehouses equipped with all the necessary computing and storage resources. Each pod runs on its own infrastructure for maximum security and stability.

Tarmin, the data-defined storage specialist

Tarmin is the creator of the GridBank Data Management Platform, a particularly innovative data-defined storage solution. This enables insights to be extracted from structured or unstructured data, enabling companies to make better decisions.

This solution makes it possible to facilitate the management of data flows and offers companies the opportunity to better store, protect and understand their data. Its solution unifies applications, information and storage within a single architecture.

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