Best Cloud Computing Startups

Working in a Cloud Computing startup is a great opportunity for both young and experienced graduates. As well as offering interesting experiences, the financial situations of these companies are very promising. And a study has been carried out to enable everyone to identify the most recommended startups to apply.

First of all, it should be noted that investment continues to proliferate in these Cloud Computing startups that develop applications, software and IT services for the enterprise. And with very rapid growth, many of them are hiring both young graduates and experienced people, offering many exciting opportunities.

The Best Cloud Computing Startups

After numerous requests from readers of the Forbes magazineA ranking of the best Cloud Computing startups to work with has been made.

To know more about it

The study was carried out in collaboration with Mattermark and was based on Mattermark’s services and survey tools. This resulted in a list of startups that specialize in Cloud Computing services and dominate the enterprise software market. In this analysis, Mattermark used a combination of artificial intelligence and qualitative data analysis to provide us with a snapshot of over one million businesses.

Best Cloud Computing Startups

In this study, all startups that dropped out of the industry for one reason or another were excluded. And the ranking was based on the total financing obtained, but also on the percentage of the number of employees who would recommend the company to a friend and the number of employees who would approve of the current CEO of the startup on Glassdoor. And only those startups with more than 15 active employee reviews were included in this analysis.

On the basis of careful statistical studies carried out to establish the list of the best software companies to work for this year, it is deduced that having 15 critics among active employees is for a startup a sign of the veracity of all the criticisms that concern it. And this analysis shows that the target of companies using Glassdoor is no more than 15 active reviews, which is why this number is used to differentiate startups.

The complete result of this study on startups is published and downloadable as an Excel file on the Forbes website.


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