Azuki, Moonbird, Mutant Ape: what are the best NFT collections?

The NFT market is booming… but when to invest in which project? Discover the top of the most popular and most expensive NFT collections!

Initially seen as a fad, the NFT market has taken off in a matter of months. Little by little, non-fungible tokens are becoming more democratic and conquer the general public.

From many celebrities use NFTs as profile pictures, and big brands like Nike and Adidas sign contracts with NFT creators to enter the metaverse.

One of the most well-known NFT collections is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, there are many very interesting NFT collections and whose value could explode…

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Often cited as the first NFT collectionCryptoPunks was created in June 2017. It is a collection of 10 000 Punks in 8 bits. Buying a cryptopunk is a form of consecration for the enthusiasts, because of the symbolic importance of this project.

At the time of the initial launch by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks were offered in ” free mint “.. Buyers only had to pay the transaction fee, not the NFT itself.

Water under the bridge, and the cheapest CryptoPunk currently costs over $150,000. The most expensive was sold for 8,000 ether, or $23 million.

The CryptoPunks also laid the foundations of the NFT universe: the collections of 10 000 coinsand features and randomly generated attributes which vary in rarity. In 2022, Yuga Labs acquired CryptoPunks.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

If CryptoPunks is the oldest NFT, Bored Ape Yacht Club is the the most famous project. Because many celebrities have bought their own token to use it as an avatar on social networks. We can mention for example Steph Curry, Eminem, Jimmy Fallon or Madonna.

This is also the most ambitious project. In March 2022, the creator Yuga Labs launched a cryptocurrency Ape Coin and bought the CryptoPunks and Meebits collections. The firm is also developing a metaverse called Otherside.

Also, a trilogy of films is in development and partnerships have been established with companies such as Adidas. A collection of figurines is also in preparation.

The cheapest Bored Ape is currently priced at 116 ether, equivalent to $341,000. The most expensive NFT was sold for 769 ether, or $2.3 million. The price is high, as owning a Bored Ape Yacht Club confers symbolic status.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Most NFT projects have roadmaps. The first phase of Yuga Labs’ project for the Bored Ape Yacht Club was an airdrop in August 2021. Each Bored Ape owner received a dose of “mutant serum” declined in three varieties: M1, M2 and M3.

Everyone could choose to keep their serum, or to use it on his Bored Ape. This allowed the creation of an entirely new NFT, part of a new collection: the Mutant Yacht Club.

In addition to the 10,000 Mutants created by the owners of Bored Apes, 10 000 others were sold at auction. The Mutants were offered from 3 ether, the equivalent of 9000 dollars. Their price dropped every 10 minutes. However, the tokens were all sold almost immediately despite the very high price.

The goal of this project was to extend the BAYC collection and make it more accessible to newcomers. Indeed, in August 2021, the Bored Apes were already very expensive and were trading at more than 20 ether ($60,000).

More numerous, MAYC are less rare and therefore less expensive. However, they have become one of the most popular collections.

At the same time, Bored Ape holders who chose to keep their vials of serum are also sitting on a small fortune. The M1 and M2 serums sell for over $100,000. And there are only 8 vials of M3 serum, whose price is even higher. The last one offered for sale found a buyer for 1542 ether or 5.9 million dollars. It does not only two M3 serums left to use on NFT Bored Ape…


Otherside is the metaverse created by Yuga Labs and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This virtual world is presented as a massively multiplayer online video gamein which players will have to unite to face many challenges.

This game will allow you to use any NFT character as an avatarthrough an import tool. Furthermore, the economy of this metaverse will be based on NFT and the cryptocurrency ApeCoin.

The title is not yet available, but a public sale of 55,000 virtual lots in NFT was held on April 30, 2022. Land that did not find a buyer was airdropped to members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. In the coming months, an additional 100,000 lots will be distributed to contributors to the Otherside project.

The introductory price was set at 305 ApeCoin (5800 dollars)and the bottom price reaches 3.45 ether ($10,100) in May 2022. While the floor price may seem relatively low, it is important to note that this collection is 10 times the size of a typical NFT project.

In addition, lands with rare attributes can fetch sky-high prices. The most expensive piece of land sold for 333 ether, or almost a million dollars.

In total, Yuga Labs has raised $320 million through this public sale. Including secondary sales on OpenSea, nearly $1 billion was spent in less than a week in Otherside land.


The CyberKongs are pixelated monkeysconsidered to be the first NFT collection to offer a “utility” beyond the artistic aspect.

Originally, the project consisted of 1000 Kongs “genesis generating 10 $BANANA cryptocurrency tokens per day. Anyone who held two Kongz and $600BANANA could combine the two NFTs to create a BabyKong.

BabyKongs do not generate $BANANA tokens, but they sell for about $15,000. In less than a week, the CyberKongz were all sold. This popularity is due to the possibility of generating a passive income for the holders.

The tokens $BANANA sold at 20 dollars at the highest, and their price is still hovering around 5 dollars. Knowing thata Genesis Kongs produces 10 tokens per day, a holder can earn over $18,000 per year. People who invested 30 dollars in a Genesis Kong in 2021 have thus made an excellent investment…


Among the creators of NFT, many have tried to to be inspired by the manga aesthetic. Several projects in this vein met with some success at launch, including The Sevens, on1 Force and Divine Anarchy.

However, the enthusiasm around these collections did not last in the long run. On the contrary, the Azuki collection was able to establish itself in only a few months.

Designed by a former Overwatch game art designerArnold Tsang, Azuki was launched in January 2022. Each NFT was sold for 1 ether, or about $3000.

Now, the floor price exceeds 20 ether or more than $60,000. The most expensive token sold for 420 ether, or about $1.3 million.

In total, NFT Azuki sales on OpenSea alone account for $570 million. These are the sixth most popular NFT collection to date.

A secondary collection entitled Beanz has been launched. These are NFTs featuring beans, currently selling for $17,000 each.

World of Women

NFT projects can also be bearers of social claims. This is the case of World of Women : an openly feminist projectaiming to put forward the women in the small world of the NFT.

This is an NFT collection entirely created by womendesigned to encourage diversity in the community. The launch took place in July 2021, with a starting price of 0.08 ether per unit or about $260.

Aside from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, this collection is probably the best known to the general public. Among the holders of NFT WoW, there are celebrities like Dez BryantEva Longoria or Reece Witherspoon.

The latter has even produced a TV series and a film via her company Hello Sunshineto expand the World of Women brand. The current low price is 6 ether, or about $17,000 per token. The most expensive coin in the collection sold for 260 ether, or about $634,000.

The success of World of Women has inspired other feminist NFT collections. Examples include the Boss Beauties and Sad Girls Bar projects.


Launched in October 2021, the Doodles collection has quickly become a success. And this, for several reasons. First of all, the creators of this collection have already have experience in the field of NFT as they worked on the CryptoKitties collection in 2017.

Also, the team manages the DoodleBank a multi-million dollar treasury that allows holders to vote on how the funds are invested. Several celebrities like Justin Bieber have chosen to join the adventure.

L’joyful and colorful aesthetics of Doodles has also helped make them a must-have among enthusiasts. The launch price was 0.123 ether per token, or about $380. Now it is 20.7 ether or the equivalent of $61,000. The most expensive coin sold for 296.69 ether, or more than $1.1 million.

After the success of Doodles, the creators launched a second collection entitled Space Doodles. Unlike other secondary collections such as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Space Doodles is said to be “non-dilutive”. This means that it uses a blockchain technology called “wrapping” that allows you to change the appearance of an NFT without having to create a new one.

Holders can place their Doodle in a spaceshipbut the original NFT is then “docked” in a safe. It is still possible to take it out of the spaceship to return it to its original form and put it back in its wallet.

The goal is to experiment with how changing the appearance of an existing NFT can impact the overall rarity via the creation of a secondary collection. This approach could become a new trend in the NFT market…


Launched in May 2021, VeeFriends is the first NFT collection of Gary Vaynerchuk. Better known as Gary V. Vaynerchuk, this character manages the company VaynerX and co-founded Resy. Very involved in the world of NFT, he counts among the main influencers of the industry.

The VeeFriends collection was launched for a starting price of 2.5 ether per unit, the equivalent of $7500. The current low price is 9 ether, or about $26,000. The most expensive coin sold for 130 ether, the equivalent of 492,000 dollars.

This collection builds on Vaynerchuk’s popularity. Each token is designed by him, and offers three years of access to VeeCon: an annual conference dedicated to Web3.

Several of these NFTs also provide benefits such as gifts from Vaynerchuk and his team, or the possibility of meeting him.

April 2022, the VeeFriends Season 2 collection has been launched. It contains 50,000 NFTs, compared to only 10,000 in the original project.

Clone X

With 2.5 million followers on Instagram, it goes without saying that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has influence. Not surprisingly, his NFT CloneX collection is selling very well.

Launched in November 2021, this collection is the most popular in the manga style behind Azuki. It is also the most popular collection of NFT in 3D to date.

The launch price was set at 2 ether, or about 6100 dollars. Currently, the lowest price is 18 ether or the equivalent of $53,000. The centerpiece sold for 450 ether, or $1.25 million.

The CloneX collection includes 20,000 tokens, and takes as its theme fashion and diversity. The characters have a wide variety of skin colors, haircuts, and other aesthetic features.

This is a project developed by RTFKT a company specialized in the design of virtual sneakers. However, this company was bought by Nike in December 2021 in order to make a place for itself in the metaverse.

NFT CloneX holders have already benefited from this prestigious acquisition, as they have received mystery boxes in airdrop in early 2022. These boxes contained virtual Nike sneakers, some of which sold for five figures. The CloneX project is well on its way to becoming a long-term project…

Cool Cats

NFTs are often referred to as a simpler way to for artists to make a name for themselves and earn a living. The Cool Cats collection and its creator Clon is the perfect example.

For over 10 years, Clon drew his “Blue Cat” character under the pseudonym The Catoonist. Unfortunately, he never found success.

On the contrary, his collection of NFT Cool Cats has quickly vanished after its launch in July 2021. While the starting price was 0.06 ether per token, or about $189, it is now 4.7 ether or about $14,000. The most expensive token sold for 320 ether or about $1.1 million.

In total, over $312 million has been spent on this Blue Cat-inspired collection. One-fifth of the proceeds are donated to community initiatives. A secondary collection called Cool Pets has been launched.


Launched in April 2022, Moonbirds is the little newcomer of this list of the best NFT projects. Despite a high starting price of $10,000, this collection quickly became a success.

For good reason, Moonbirds is produced by the Proof Collective : a very influential trio including Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg. So buyers don’t just invest in a pixelated owl image to use as a profile picture, but also become part of a community.

Among other things, they get access to the Proof Collective Discordwhich is frequented by some of the most influential players in the crypto and NFT market. Only holders of one of the 1000 NFTs of the collective can access this Discord channel. However, the price of an NFT Proof Collective currently exceeds $300,000.

Some Moonbirds holders can be granted access to the Discord, and this collection is therefore like the cheapest gateway to this extremely selective virtual space.

Currently, the lowest price is 29.5 ether or the equivalent of $86,000. The most expensive coin sold for 350 ether or the equivalent of 1.02 million dollars.

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