AWS Certification: What you need to know

The AWS certification allows you to climb certain professional ladders. It signifies a person’s skills and agility. Today, there are several types of AWS certifications, depending on the field of interest of the person concerned. Focus!

An AWS certification requires prerequisite skills. Indeed, any person wishing to prove to recruiters their skills and qualifications in cloud can use it. To do this, it is important to follow trainingsDepending on the field you wish to study. In this file, we will take a closer look at the different types of certifications available as well as the advantages of such a certification.

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What is meant by AWS certification?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, a few things about AWS are in order. AWS or Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that works in the digitalThe company’s core business is information technology. It essentially provides a range of cloud management services as well as databases. In its activity, the company offers the opportunity, for those interested in it, to obtain a certificate: the AWS certification.

The AWS certificationThis is the name of the certificate that the AWS company issues to people who have been able to justify their knowledge and skills specific. Besides the cloud domain, AWS also detects a certificate on other specific domains.

Indeed, the company uses the lights of AWS experts to determine the required criteria. Thus, to be able to obtain the certificate, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the required skills. But skills alone are not enough, you must also pass the proposed exams.

What AWS certifications are available?

In total, there are 11 AWS certifications currently available. These certifications are divided into 5 distinct paths:

Basics or Foundation

This is the only course that is not subdivided. It is a certification specifically designed for non-professionals who want to know about the foundations of cloud coumputing. The certification Cloud Practioner Is awarded to those who have passed the related exams. The courses can be given in one day but you must have spent 6 months working with the AWS cloud beforehand.

It should be noted that the training also offers an introduction to security, pricing and architecture models. In this way, the training focuses more on the theoretical side than the practical.


The AWS architect certification includes two levels: associate architect and professional architect. The latter is provided to cloud professionals, developers and system administrators. It can also be offered to those who want to work in the design of applications in the cloud. However, the architect certification is offered to those who want to learn more about the cloud.

The AWS Architect Certification associate means that the individual has extensive knowledge of management services from Amazon, in addition to its core services and foundations. As for the AWS Architect certification professionalIt is acquired after passing a thorough and specific examination on thecloud architecture.

If the associate level learns to build IT structures, the professional level learns security, construction and advanced techniques to migrate to the cloud. To obtain an AWS Professional Architect certification, one must first be certified as an Associate Architect with 2 years or more hands-on experience in cloud troubleshooting, design, and operations.


This learning path is available for those who wish to explore the administrative skills in the cloud. In this pathway, there are 2 certifications: associate and professional. We will come back to the professional certificate in the developer path.

The AWS Operational Associate certification is for developers who want to understand how cloud systems work on AWS. This requires apprentices to be able to use AWS to design reeditable actions of systems and networks. The AWS certification obtained in this course is called SysOps Admin.

This is the path that requires the most skills. First, you need to have an AWS Cloud Practioner certification in your pocket or have taken the AWS Technical Assentials course. In addition, you must have worked at least one year in the troubleshooting and the cloud.

In addition, to qualify for the SysOps Admin certification, one must have completed training in systems administration or software development. Finally, the applicant must understand network protocols.


The developer can also be an associate or professional. These are the developers who need to learn how to develop applications on the cloud AWS who can take the training.

In the journey to become an Associate Developer, the individual learns how to use Amazon services (API Gateway, IAM, SDK). At the end, they must be able to create applications that are both secure and scalable. This path requires more or less similar skills to that of an architect.

The developer professionall is also included in the developer learning path. The AWS certification is called AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. In fact, it is a combination of the operational and developer tracks. Thus, it is those who choose to study both paths at the same time who are interested.


The AWS Specialty certification is provided specifically as a skill building. It is in fact about going deeper into a specific topic. Nevertheless, the specialty certification requires a certain level of knowledge and practice with AWS platforms. Thus, it is necessary to have a solid experience (2 to 5 years) in the area in which the apprentice is seeking AWS certification.

In the specialty track, there are 5 different AWS certifications:

AWS Big Data Certification

Having such a certification means that the person is able to master the tools ofautomation data analytics. The Big Data certification also certifies that it can use AWS Big Data services in infrastructure practices.

Advanced Networking

This one is intended for people whose tasks often involve complex networks. Once an individual has passed the exam, they must be able to troubleshoot, automate and develop tasks, a network infrastructure. Performing multi-region configurations is also part of the outcome of this certification.


For the professionals of the cybersecurityincluding the Mobile Cybersecurity, With 2+ years of experience, there is the AWS security certification. The exam includes the analysis, development and implementation of AWS mechanisms in terms of data security. The same applies to the fundamental understanding of security risks and operations.

Machine Learning

In addition to the developer certification, developers can also have the AWS certification Machine Learning. But this certification is also available for Data Scientist. To qualify for the exam, you must have at least 2 years of hands-on experience developing, architecting, and running ML or deep learning in the AWS cloud. Experience in basic hyperparameter optimization is also required.

Alexa Skill Builder

The AWS Alexa Skill Builder certification is for designers and developers whose work focuses on Alexa. In other words, it is intended for those who use ASK to create new features For Amazon’s voice assistant. To be successful, you need to have a proven track record of developing and releasing skills.

Why AWS certification?

As mentioned above, AWS certification is a testament to one’s special abilities. It is useful for highlighting one’s achievements and, above all, for advancing one’s skills. In practical terms, candidates who have obtained an AWS certification can display it in the form of digital badges that appear on their social networks, their signatures.

Plus, they have seamless access to exclusive AWS-sponsored certification events like certification fairs. This gives them access to summit AWS. But more than that, an AWS certification provides access to the community of AWS certified experts on Influitive to exchange with other experts.

An AWS certification also means that the professional has exclusive access to AWS certified products. Finally, if they want to get another certification or any other AWS exam, they get a voucher for discount of 50%.

Where do you have to train to get certified?

From online course are available to prepare candidates for exams. Some courses are free while others, paying. This gives the individual the freedom to choose what is convenient for him or her while taking into account the type of certificate he or she wants to obtain.

The courses can be classified according to level, theme, category, etc. This allows the candidate to choose according to his level. In addition, the courses are available in video format in several languages (English, Japanese, etc.). Such a presentation facilitates the access of the candidates to the courses given.

On the other hand, currently, there are only a number of limited from languages with which these courses can be accessed. Some are not yet available in French. Some participants are thus blocked by the language barrier. In addition, some courses are not available free of charge.

Finally, since these are online courses, there is no teacher to interact with, another point to improve. However, exchanges with experts can take place once the candidate has received his/her certification.

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