Apple acquires DataTiger, the startup that “puts your data to work”.

Apple has just acquired the startup DataTiger, specialized in data-driven digital marketing. It is likely to use its platform to personalize its marketing emails and paid search results.

Even the tech giants are investing in personalized marketing with data! Apple has acquired the digital marketing startup DataTigeraccording to Bloomberg. According to the CEO’s LinkedIn page, the ten-person London-based startup seeks to “rethink the entire marketing experience.

DataTiger’s toolset enables companies to create marketing software to “put their data to work”… . The goal: to quickly and easily increase retention and monetization. Thanks to this platform, it is possible to optimize marketing flows for customers in real time across all different channels.

It is possible to use DataTiger as an online tool, and import the data to the cloud in a matter of minutes.. However, companies that prefer to opt for in-house deployment can also choose this option. A customized marketing solution can then be developed using the company’s APIs and open source front-end components.

Apple acquires DataTiger to personalize marketing with data

In addition, the startup assures that it can use the data to send marketing material to customers and push notifications with increased accuracy. The platform therefore offers data-driven marketing functionalities.

On doesn’t know how much money Apple spent to acquire this small startup that employs between 2 and 10 people according to LinkedIn. DataTiger’s ad targeting technology could be used by the Apple in several ways.

She could use it to better personalize emails and marketing push notifications which it increasingly uses to promote its services. In addition, Apple’s business of sponsored search ads for its App Store is growing rapidly…

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