Adobe Experience Cloud: Adobe unifies its offering in the Cloud

This week’s Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is taking place in Las Vegas. The provider of licensed creative tools in the cloud announces the launch of the Adobe Experience Cloud, a platform that brings together marketing tools, analytics, and the Advertising Cloud platform.

As is often the case at dedicated events, companies make landmark announcements. Adobe, best known for its creative software has just announced at its Digital Market Summit the launch of its Adobe Experience Cloud solution.

The latter is in fact a suite of tools that brings together the Advertising Cloud platform, its marketing and analytics tools. If this unification is already a novelty in itself, Adverstising Cloud is nothing but a new offer for end-to-end management of online advertising and ads, but also from traditional TV channels. The objective, to get the right advertising message across on the right channel and at the right time. This announcement follows the purchase of TubeMogul for $540 million in November 2016, which allowed the development of this technology within the company that created Photoshop.

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Adobe Experience Cloud, a major renewal

The three tools in the suite work in harmony to give advertisers the best weapons to achieve their goals. For example, Analytics Cloud allows you to analyze the data collected when ads go online. The contribution of Sensei’s artificial intelligence is therefore making a comeback in the Adobe Experience Cloud offering, since it allows the firm’s clients to entrust the firm with services that are customized to their use cases, such as alerts, notifications or previews of the ads to be broadcast.

With Adobe Experience Cloud, companies will also have access to Document Cloud and Creative Cloud, which bring together the firm’s word processing and image processing solutions. This meeting of tools and solutions aims to simplify operations for professionals.

Prior to this thunderous announcement, the company experienced a stock market rebound on Friday. Last weekend’s announcement of these results shows a 56% growth rate in net earnings for the first quarter.e. Its sales reached $1.68 billion in the same period, slightly more than analysts had expected.. This good financial health and the announcements during the week are likely to boost this success.

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