A comparison of the best WordPress hosting providers

If you want to create a WordPress website, choosing a dedicated host will bring you many advantages. Through this comparison, find out which are the best WordPress hosting providers.

The WordPress platform is one of the best “content management systems” or CMS. It allows you to create your own website quickly and easilyThe user can choose among the many templates available.

However, rather than setting up and hosting your site, you can use a WordPress hosting provider. These service providers will create and maintain your website for you.

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A shared server will not cost youbut you will need to share space and resources with other users. You may therefore experience slowdowns on your website during traffic peaks, even if these peaks only affect other customers. Similarly, if another user’s website is attacked, your website may also be targeted.

On the contrary, a dedicated hosting will allow you to rent a physical server and enjoy 100% of its resources. Your WordPress site will also take advantage of its own IP address, and the allocated server resources will give you faster loading times, better configuration control, and a better user experience. You can also opt for a Virtual Dedicated Server or VPS.

On also distinguishes between managed and unmanaged hosting. A managed hosting provider will take care of tasks such as server configuration and security updates for you, so you only have to focus on your business.

Several criteria are to be taken into account when choosing of a WordPress host: customer support, ease of use, storage space, SSL certification, speed, security, and the ability to perform backups. Through this folder, find out which hosting providers are the best and most adapted to your needs.

WP Engine

WP Engine currently dominates the WordPress hosting market. This provider is known for its security, impeccable uptime, and the absence of a limit on monthly transfers.

From many tools dedicated to web hosting are proposed. For example, you will benefit from automated backups and 24/7 support. A tool integrated to WP Engine will also allow you to obtain information on the performance of your pages, your content or your applications.

In terms of price, four different formulas are offered. However, all of them include migration and performance measurement tools. It is possible to take advantage of three free months by paying a year’s subscription in advance.

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The hosting provider Bluehost is primarily intended for beginners and seeks to enable them to create a new website easily. Nevertheless, experienced users will benefit from a wide variety of tools.

A simple click is all it takes to create a website. Plus.., the Blue Spark service will allow beginners to familiarize themselves with WordPress and its subtleties. However, some inexperienced users complain that the dashboard is a bit complex because of the many terminologies.

This host is below-averagewith a basic package at $2.75 per month for a complete WordPress site with 50GB of space. The “Plus” and “Premium” plans are priced at $5.45 per month, and offer unlimited space.

In addition, thehe “Premium” package allows you to take advantage of a private domain and the SiteBackup Pro tool. For $17.95 per month, the WP Pro packages will bring you other improvements and additional functionalities.

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Founded in 2002, HostGator offers dedicated WordPress hosting. Sound Website Builder tool offers a drag-and-drop interface very intuitive, and comes with a wide variety of themes. Several features simplify the creation process.

Thanks to its server architecture, HostGator can boast to offer 2.5 times faster loading times compared to the shared hosting offered by WordPress by default.

A appreciable Cloud Interface allows you to manage backups, access email accounts or allocate bandwidth as you wish.

Three different formulas are proposed. The Starter offer starts at $5.95 per month for a site receiving up to 100,000 visits per month. For this price, you will also receive 1Gb of free backups and a free SSL certificate.

The Standard” formula, starting at $7.95The new website, supports 2 websites and 200,000 hits per month. The backup capacity is 2GB. Finally, the “Business” formula at $9.95 per month covers 3 sites, 500,000 visits, and offers 3Gb of backup. Be careful though: the price increases rapidly if you wish to add additional domains.

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Among the different WordPress hosting providers presented here, DreamHost is more for experienced users. Beginners can quickly find themselves at a loss, even though all hosting solutions offered are fully managed services.

In addition to web hosting, the owner of Dreamhost, New Dream Network LLC founded in 1996 also offers domain name registration.

The “Shared Starter, starting at $2.59 a month.With a shared hosting server, a WordPress site, unlimited traffic, a 1-click SSL certificate, fast SSD storage and 24/7 customer service.

The managed WordPress formula, ” DreamPress ” starts at $16.95. It adds 30GB of SSD storage, the preinstalled JetPack extension and logged backups.

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With GoDaddy, you’ll enjoy many tools for WordPress. The Pro version will also offer you customer management tools and advanced support.

Developers will therefore be able to add many clients and manage their accounts. from a single dashboard. This dashboard allows you to view all products and customers centrally, and to receive notification if a customer has a problem.

You will also benefit from reporting and maintenance features for the number of WordPress sites you want. This platform is very intuitive.

It is also possible to pay to take advantage of cloud backups, migration tools, uptime monitoring and automated security checks. These functionalities are proposed in the form of extensions.

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