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While every team in La Liga has been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Barca’s situation is most striking — unsurprisingly, given their well-documented financial woes — with their spending cap falling a huge 48% from €671.4m in the summer of 2019 to just €347m now.

His breakthrough in 2020 saw him deservedly claim the Golden Boy award after he netted a ridiculous 44 goals in all competitions during 2019/20, with 28 scored for Salzburg in the first half of the season and then 16 in 18 matches for Dortmund.

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His second was far more routine, although he Franchesc manchester united trøje TamiBoyki makes one-on-one finishes look so simple, curling a left-footed strike into the corner to put Dortmund 3-1 up in Spain, before the hosts pulled one back in the second-half.

Haaland often found himself isolated up top but this was through no fault of his own, with City simply barcelona pelipaita too strong in their current form to allow the visitors much hope of stringing more than ten passes together at the best of times.Nevertheless, he consistently showed good positional awareness, always waiting and watching for that one chance and making a number of intelligent runs, although the defensive Franchesc manchester united trøje TamiBoyki pairing of Ruben Dias and John Stones managed to immediately smother him when the ball came his way with 25 minutes on the clock.On the other occasions that he did pick up possession, he showed that he is more than just a finishing specialist, contributing to attacks with strong hold-up play to buy time for his team-mates.His passing was crisp and controlled, with his limited opportunities to impress still carrying the hallmarks of a top-class striker with an elite all-round game, fit for a club like United or indeed any other side in Europe.

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